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The story of my free anemone


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I recently got an RBA on eBay for a large chunk of money . I was honestly sick of my clowns hosting random things in my tank and killing them. The seller sent it with one day shipping costing me an additional $50! So i stayed home from work on Tuesday waiting for my anemone to come In and it never came! So I contacted the seller and aperently it got lost in the mail and he gave me a refund and he got his money back from usps for losing the package. I forgot about it and on friday morning I found a wet box in front of my door! I opened it up and it was the anemone in a dark brown water bag!
I put it in a bowl and thought it had no life in it and felt bad. I decided to clean it up and put it in my tank and it slowly recovered! Now it’s like 12 inches large and happy as ever!!



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How many extra days has it been? While I won't say that should be attempted again, it'd be interesting to see how long it actually lasted. RBTAs though, they're like right under aiptasia and mojano anemones for resiliency