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The Tang Hideout


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So the new tank is coming along nicely. It won’t be ready for any sps frags for a few more months, but the LPS and nems are doing great.

All the fish made it through QT just fine and are looking magnificent. At the time of this post they will have been in the tank for about two weeks. I think two more weeks will let me know if I am in the clear regarding the big diseases.

There is one new Mel. Wrasse in qt. He started about 8 days ago. Eating just fine in copper so far.

Recently ordered a new clean up crew from reef cleaners for the new 6 foot tang hideout. Very concerned about diseases so I will need to figure out how to QT those. Open to suggestions!

Tank was started June 9th.

Here some pics.

Susan Ingram

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Looks great!!
I might be in the minority, but I haven’t QTd any of the CUC members I’ve introduced. I may be gambling with that so I’m following along with interest!