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UV Sterilizer

Matthew Meyer

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Just bought a Green Killing machine uv sterilizer.

AA GKM24W Internal UV for Aquariums up to 120Ga,Black https://a.co/d/807INgf

Just purchased this off Amazon. Been having recurrent Dinos even with DinoX. I plan to place this in my sump.

Any advice?


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I am using the 15watt aqua UV on my tank. It's huge but I think smaller than the pentair equivalent. I notice the glass needs much less frequent cleanings when it's running, so I know it does something...

I haven't had any major issues with dinos, FWIW.


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I've had mine for a few months now in my megaflow 120 and I have noticed I don't need to clean my glass as frequently. My water also seems a lot clearer than before, so I think it's a good pickup.


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There is a long thread on R2R about people reporting “High Antimony found on Triton ICP” when using the Green Killing Machine. I’d go with the AquaUV.


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I put in display cus they go in water column at night for some species. Blasting them off rocks or siphoning them out every night helps


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I used one to get rid of Dinos (osteropsis). I just stuck it in my display for a couple of weeks and removed it. It worked just fine!


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I don't have my packaging anymore but their site states fw and sw usage. I'm going to pull mine from my 25g lagoon tank and take it apart as much as I can to check on if there are any signs of degradation.
I stand corrected. I could swear it used to not be, but I must be thinking of a different version.

Thanks for correcting misinfo!


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There may (heard from a bird, i am not sure) be some metal parts that don't react to saltwater as well as we would like. I have used two in the past and retired them after a few month in the display, out of fear of the metal parts that I am not certain are really there.
I'm going to pull mine from my 25g lagoon tank and take it apart as much as I can to check on if there are any signs of degradation.
This would be cool if you do, Arvin!

Arvin R

Let me know how this works out. I've always skipped uv since there's conflicting info out there if it actually does anything. Seems interesting though!
It definitely helps when battling some types of dinos if proper size, flow and placement are properly implemented. And I also don't have to Scrape algae off the glass nearly as often as I do without running the UV. Also notice more clarity in the water. UV is definitely a plus in my opinion on any system. I went with the green killing machine for my 25g (Originally in my 32g biocube) due to the low cost. I definitely found threads of the metal shaft rusting after about 6 months of use in the past so this worries me.