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Wet skimmate water change video by Kenny at HTA


I saw Kenny at High Tide Aquatics posted a nice how-to video about doing wet skimmate water changes. It’s great because he actually shows you what he does and how the skimmate accumulates over time. You guys may have heard Ben from Reef Beef talk about this a few times, and some of us reefers have been doing versions of this for years.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this and your other videos together for the community Kenny!

I’d add that you need to turn off your ATO during this entire process :)
Kenny & JVU
Great video, thank you for sharing!

Looks like a great way to keep the cost of reefing down. I wonder what the nitrate and phosphate levels are in the skimmer w/c method water vs the 10-20% w/c method?

I wish I could quote the person who told me this, but I was told that all good things in reefing take time.