Where to find live rock

We get live rock from Indonesia. If you want to buy 55 lbs (1 box) its $350 otherwise we dry it and sell it for $9 per pound, i have about 400lbs available.
Also thanks California Reef for responding - this option is too much rock for me, but I very much appreciate you’re taking the time to let me now!
Must of got buried in my second to last post - about 20 lbs (planning out a 20 gallon Nuvo fusion or nuvo peninsula)


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Hi BARs!

As I continue to plan out my tank I’m wondering if people have advice about where I can find “real” live rock in the Bay Area. What I mean by real is something like Tampa bay aquatics or gulf live rock - rock that is shipped wet and is full of life. Are there any shops around the bay that sell this kind of rock? If not I’ll probably start with dry rock because the shipping cost is a bit too much for me considering I’ll be doing a nano tank.
I went to aquarium arts in Bakersfield for my live rock which was fully cured and full of good "bugs" which my fish loved. Their website is Although they say that they ship, I was able to pick it up and bring it home. It is a long drive from the bay area, but I was able to stay overnight with a friend and then pick it up and drive home. I could also pick what I wanted.