BAR 2018 Annual Regional Frag Swap

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By Wlachnit on Aug 30, 2018 at 6:05 PM
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    We're excited to announce BAR's biggest event of the year, the annual Regional Frag Swap. – OCTOBER 20, 2018

    This frag swap is open to everyone, in fact we will be encouraging people from throughout California to come swap frags.
    • Room Number: Room 722
    • Chabot College in Hayward, CA
    • Park in lot G (Which is the closest to Building 700)
    • Remember to bring $2 in change for parking
    • 10:30am Shopping Starts / Vendors Ready
    • 11:00am - 12:00pm Register for the Frag Swap (Get your picking Letter)
    • 12:30pm Start Frag Swap
    • Bring at least 3 different coral frags in their own clear plastic containers with lids.
    • Must be labeled with your username AND coral name AND lights used. You cannot swap if it doesn’t have this information.
    • We will be checking for unlabeled, mislabeled, sick, or dead coral.
    • Pre-registration is $20
    • Registration is $30 at the door.
    • Send money to the club's paypal account at
    • FREE for Spectators
    • The following corals cannot be used in frag swapping.
    • [​IMG] (click to enlarge)
    [​IMG]Food / Drinks
    • Food and drinks will be sold at the event
    Bonus Rounds
    • The bonus rounds are optional and consist of the first picking round of the swap.
    • Once you're done with the bonus round, you continue the regular swap.
    • If you want to do the bonus rounds, you need to bring at least 3 bonus corals or 1 ultra coral from the bonus round list to receive 1 Bonus Round Ticket.
    • You can receive as many Bonus Round Tickets as you want. (Example: Bringing 9 bonus round frags gives you 3 bonus round tickets)
      • The Bonus Coral list can be found HERE.
      • Bonus Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
        • Example: 1) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 2) Oompa Loompa Zoa, 3) Gold Hammer = OKAY
      • Ultra Corals strains can be repeated only ONCE.
      • 3 Bonus Corals = 1 Bonus Round Ticket or 1 Ultra Coral = 1 Bonus Round Ticket
    • READ THIS THREAD on bonus rounds before asking questions about it here.
    • Coralicious Corals
    • Legendary Corals
    • Clearwater Aquarium
    Raffle Prizes
    • Neptune
    • Kessil
    • Reef Nutrition
    • Fritz
    • Clearwater
    • Coral Magazine
    • BRS
    • Bay Bridge

    If you want to donate something for the raffle, visit this thread HERE

    We also need a few volunteers as well. If you would like to volunteer, visit this thread HERE
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by Wlachnit, Aug 30, 2018.

    1. enaldy
      Awesome!!! Looking forward to it!

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    2. coral4me
      So bummed, we’re going to miss this one :(
    3. Apon
      so its $20 for members too?
    4. fishy408
      Think I have read everything, but still don't know what this regional frag swap thing is. Are there vendors that sell things like CFM? Do we swap frags with other hobbyist through some kind of system. Is there a link or post to read about it?


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    5. Kremis
      there is a thread somewhere, you can go digging for it, it goes into more detail. Yes there are sometimes vendors that sell things.

      Simple version: everyone puts their frags onto a table based on what type of coral it is (sps, lps etc) and everyone is also assigned a group. When it is your groups turn to go, you have a few minutes to pick one coral. This continues until there are no more corals.
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    6. glee
      • READ THIS THREAD on bonus rounds before asking questions about it here.

      Click "This Thread" in original post to read all about how the swap works. I haven't done a swap in many years so I read up on it last night. It should answer all your questions. See you there!
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    7. grizfyrfyter
      I'm looking forward to this!
    8. Wlachnit
      yes it is.
    9. sfsuphysics
      Not sure if I'll have a tank up and running by then, but do anemones count as corals? :D I'll be hurting pretty badly as it is for corals, not sure I even have 3 different ones. Hopefully at the very least I'll have a coral QT tank up and can grow some out even if the big tank ain't cycled yet.
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    10. enaldy
      What are the "not allowed" coral?

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    11. tankguy
      GSP , Kenya Trees. There was 1 or 2 more. I think at one time considering Birds Nest. We ended up with so much of it
    12. sfsuphysics
      I think brown palythoas, pulsing xenia, anthelia, encrusting gorgonian(?)
    13. RandyC
    14. ashburn2k
      but I think there’s a free table for those unwanted corals?

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    15. enaldy
      Yes.. last time they had it set.
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    16. xcaret
      Well, simple event; people from many areas gather every year to swap corals. We have the “members only” frag swap and the regional. Many people make the drive for such special event; very long drives.
      The CFM is a very different event but some people meet at the swap with others to exchange money for colorful living things; there’s a raffle as well and a great time for those who like coral exchange events BUT some of us have learned that companions might not be as enthusiastic as we could so word of caution if you have a significant other that does not enjoy your addiction, I mean hobby as much as you do; is better to go at it alone than hearing “Is it over yet? What?! It hasn’t even started? Can we leave now?
      In the end, you may not enjoy the swap as well.
      But don’t get me wrong, many families show up and have a great time!
      It’s a good time to get your club T-shirt, coral glue, try your luck at the nice items in the raffle (normally Arnold wins the nice prizes). After the event is over, hit the local reef shops to check “what’s new” or go exchange the gift certificate someone just won for corals, even if it means an hour more each way before heading back home.
      And yes, dip, dip, dip your new frags!
    17. Apon
    18. Wlachnit
      Yes, there will be a raffle.

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    19. Wlachnit
      Here is a link for a flyer to the swap. FLYER

      It would be great if members distribute these at their LFS. I will have a few with me at MACNA. Let's get the word out.

      Thanks to @jepoy for creating the flyer.

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