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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by newhobby, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. sfboarders

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    I've got 2 bottles of bbs brewing which I feed at night. Only reason why I feed it is because I bought a good size bottle of it to feed my mandarin who ended up eating the pods in my tank :) but unfortunately died. :(( My clowns, chromis and pj cardinals eat the bbs. :)
  2. yellojello

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    Broadcast Feed RN Oyster Feast and Phyto Feast a few times a week when halides go off. Just two large squirts of each into the return area of sump.
  3. georgec

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    Stupid question... for those of you that mix stuff up in a squirt bottle, do you use fresh or salt water? Assuming it really doesn't matter. Thought maybe salt water keeps a little better?

    (Yes, I just went to Ka Mei this afternoon and picked up a squirt bottle for $.60)
  4. Sfork

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    I use this big pipette I got from Daiso Japan in SF. It's basically a skinny pipette but the top is a big baster sized squeezer. It was in the bathroom section of you want to look for one they always have them for whatever reason. I feed either Rod's food or Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow and Color pellets. Cant read the bottle because most of it is in German.
  5. Gomer

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    Anyone know where that link is on how coral eat etc? Gresham posted it a while back and I can't dig it up.
  6. h20player101

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  7. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Yeah, that is an awesome read!
  8. Tamazula

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    I was also curious - can stuff like Oyster Feast be frozen without significantly altering the nutritional profile, and how long does it stay fresh?

    FWIW I really gorge my Dendros on Mysis/Brine and they love it... just have to keep my shrimp off of them for a few minutes.
  9. h20player101

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  10. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    That thread doesn't address freezing does it? If not, here is the 411...

    Freezing is not recommended. It changes how the mix is in the bottle and once thawed you'll have a separated product with little to no shelf life left. When we saw that we did not continue testing so I can not tell you what it does to the nutritional profile, but it can't help it any.
  11. Tamazula

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    Cool, thanks for the info Gresham. I wanted to see if I could stretch out a bottle because I do light feeding in a small tank and stuff can sometimes go bad before I use it all.
  12. GreshamH

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    I wish we have 2oz bottles available. it's been my dream for years. It would take retooling our set-up though :(
  13. mavjoy

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    I got a bottle of oyster feast and roti feast...been keeping them inside the fridge at all times after use. How long do they last? Do they suppose to have a different smell when they go bad? I think mine are both expired :( and past the before date.
  14. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    What's the "Best Before" date and what do they smell like?
  15. mavjoy

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    The oyster feast stamped best before Oct. 2009 :O and the roti feast does not have a best before date. Both smells fine like when I first got them. I'm thinking of disposing them since it's been more than a year since I got them.
  16. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Look on the right side of the middle panel of the label. They Best Before should be there. If not, it's just as old as the other one and the sticker has fallen off or been removed.

    2009 is a way too old.

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