Help: Stay with Tunze or switch to Vortech?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by scuba71, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Yeah, the pile that Arnold got were not all working too, some were the older parts that they simply didn't ask Tom to return.
  2. Apon

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    Who uses my name!

    I love my vortecs. Of the 5 I got from Tom - he had multiple drivers for them Gen 1 and Gen 2. Each one he did a mod and a few he let get salt water on the board. So I sent back 3 drivers for testing, they said it wasn't worth it - So I got a deal on 3 new G2 drivers. I sold 4 vortecs off - one of the gen 1 I seold to Mike had a bad motor, so I got that replaced too. Now I am running 2 vortecs on my tank, and I have 2 more sitting ready to go on my next tank. : )
  3. xcaret

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    How much did you pay for new motor and upgraded driver? I think I have couple that are G1 but scares me to send them in if is going to be pricey; For what I've read Tunze=Built like a tank and so the tank like size Vortech=Cool little gadget, clean looking, no wires inside but still half coke can outside the tank with a hanging wire. On either brand pros and cons
  4. Now u know why i hang around to see you test all those.:)

  5. sfsuphysics

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    Driver cost $100, it's basically the "upgrade" it used to be $75 but they finally upped it to $100. The new motor normally is $180, but I got it for $125. You should note the motor only needed to be replaced, you don't need the new motor to upgrade to Gen2
  6. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    I got 3 drivers gen 2 for $60 each : ) He said I the old ones work but he wouldn't trust them with the corrossion so he gave me a break.
  7. xcaret

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    ...hum so in the long run a Vortech can cost you some $$; one of my 6100 needs a little holder $6.00 and the shipping time (shipment still in customs) I'm in the middle of trading an MP40W for a 6105.
    Lesson learned: care for my equipment and pamper it like a baby's b... otherwise the rash cream might leave me a bad feel in the wallet.
    So the driver is the little white box right? or is it software? I read of some people having Eco Tech upgrade firmware?
  8. GreshamH

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    Driver is the white box

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