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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by jonmos75, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. naterock101

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    As one of the guys working on FishBit, I've been fascinated with what Mindstream has accomplished. If it does everything they say it does it sounds really interesting. We've done quite a bit of research into colorimetry and spectroscopy which they seem to be using.

    I've reached out to them to see if we will be able to access an api to use it with our controllers if people wanted more control and data than we are currently providing as well (which i think there are definitely some.) I think FishBit/Apex/Etc and Mindstream are definitely complementary products if they do so and it's great for the hobby :)
  2. euod

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    Whatever happened to fishbit? Last I heard was you guys just got back from China. Is this where the unit is made or assembled?
  3. naterock101

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    @euod We went to China as part of Highway1 to learn more about the process there but it was more importantly an opportunity to visit probe manufacturers of which we brought back many samples for testing.

    We're still in the product development phase, but we're alive and kicking. Much like Mindstream just did we want to be further along so that we can under promise and over deliver rather than the opposite when we launch -- which we expect to later this year.

    To answer your question we have not made any final choices but it looks likely that we will be doing a hybrid approach to manufacturing with probes likely coming from China and our boards and assembly being done here in America. We're currently working with an ECM (electronics contract manufacturer) out of Kansas City to produce the boards we made for the betas and actually doing most of the plastics in house!

    Now i feel kind of bad for highjacking Mindstream's thread :p
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    So ive been watching the mindstream thread on r2r

    According to the forum folks, Mindstream has 4 days left on their kick starter and they havent even reached 50% of their goal.

    Which means all the money will be refunded and nobody gets to beta test via kick starter.

    Unless they find a bunch of money at MACNA in a short period of time. Or restart their kickstarter.

    It will cost 1200$ for the initial monitor and then a 35$ monthly subscription to monitor the parameters.

    :eek:ALSO YOU NEED TO GET PUMPED ABOUT THE FRAG SWAP! It will be 10 times better than the last members swap and 50 times better than the recent frag swaps.
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    This is probably exactly why they haven't even reached a 50% goal. That is out of the price range for most people by far.

    Although from what I recall the kickstarter was initially used to judge reception of the device at a particular price point, and if this is anything, if they released a $1200 aquarium monitor, emphasis on monitor not controller, they're going to end up with a lot of boxes waiting for order in a warehouse.

    And I'm so jazzed about the swap, however I might be carless that day :( So I might try to bum a ride, or beg someone to pick me up from BART (don't think BART is that close to Chabot to walk from there).
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    Mike (and anyone else that wants a ride) theres a caltrain station right by my house in san mateo.

    Called the Hayward Park Cal Train station. If you want a ride to and back from the frag swap, let me know.

    Only thing is you would be stuck with me all day at the frag swap :D
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    Depending on the bart location I may pick you up from there too.

    Mike we are getting you to the frag swap even if we have to piggy back you in!
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    Oh CalTrain might work better for me, although it's an even longer walk... damn I'll figure something out. I'll keep you informed. And just in case I know someone with a donkey that I can ride to the swap and you can call me Don Quixfraggy
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  9. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Unlike others, I would like to have a separate "Monitor" only device.
    Yes, I have a controller. But it is nice to have some redundancy. Especially temp.

    For me:
    Measuring Alk + Ca are key.
    Mg and potassium are nice, but I can skip.
    Ammonia and ORP are handy, since sudden swings can signal something is wrong, but again, I can skip.
    Temp is handy as a backup.

    As far as cost"
    $600 is in the "ouch but maybe" category.
    $1200 seems like like it would put it out of range.
    And I am the type that buys new gadgets.

    But I think they made a huge mistake on the $40 per month.
    That is insane. And it should be variable based on the user and how many tests they want per month.

    Keep in mind: You can have water sent out for lab testing for similar pricing.
    Aquamedic has a 12 test set for $350, or $30 per test
    Lets say the $1200 device lasts 5 years (optimistically), that is another $20 per month.
    So $60 per month for mindstream. Equal to 2 lab tests per month.
    Yeah, these cheap "lab" tests have been known to be imperfect. But I bet they are a lot better than this disk thing.
  10. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    I can see how those method lend themselves to lab and automation of course.
    The problem: I just don't see how you get to "cheap" using that approach.
    On the other hand, the old Titration method, like us fumbling humans use, might actually be doable cheap.
    Some crappy stepper motors, plastic parts from a 3D printer, a few standard syringes, and a simple cmos image sensor, and you are all set.
    One of my many some-day projects I have designed a bit, but will never get around to.
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  11. naterock101

    naterock101 Guest

    @rygh I too have been planning to build something similar, i call it my magic box and i've drawn a couple of napkins with it :)
  12. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer


    are the only 3 parameters I test for.

    I kinda know how much phosphate/nitrates I have depending on the algae growth on my glass/rockwork. I don't overstock my tank with big fish and I manage how much food/nutrients go into the tank.

    I'm not a hardcore acro/mille person but I imagine they test for phosphates/nitrates regularly.
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  13. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    We sure

    I Test Weekly for:
    Phosphorus (and converted into a Phosphate Value)

    I Test Monthly:
    same as above but in addition
    and just for easy of mind but is always "0"
  14. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Jon we need to get you a mindstream :p
  15. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    lol...I would be more interested in the product if it tested Nitrates & Phosphate...and would tie into my Apex!!!!!:cool:

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