[Nov 14, 2015] California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Tour (San Francisco, CA)

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    Information Posted on 10/24/2015

    Wahoo BAR is going to the Steinhart to do a Behind-the-Scenes Tour! We will be escorted below ground to see how the aquariums within the Steinhart Aquarium operate. You'll see how a professional aquarium maintains the tanks behind the front glass and how they uses large scale equipment to maintain their beautiful aquariums.

    Tour Information
    There will be two separate groups of 15 people each. One group will meet at 10:25AM and the other group will meet at 1:25PM. Meet at the Tyranosaurus Rex Skeleton in front. Each tour will last approximately 1 Hour. You will have to pay for your own general admission but the tour is free. Check out the rest of the CA Academy of Sciences after you're done.

    Your Tour Guide
    BAR we are so lucky! The tour will be led by Steinhart Aquarium Biologist, Matt Wandell, who was a speaker at MACNA 2015 in Washington DC this year. Matt is taking time out of his busy biologist schedule to give the club a tour of the facilities. You will get so much more information from Matt since the tours are normally led by volunteers/tour staff.

    This is a special opportunity that most people do not have access to so I really encourage you to ask him lots of questions! Like those Pygmy Seahorses he took care of. :)
    How To Sign Up
    Due to limited space we are limited to 30 people for this tour. Only Supporting Members can attend this tour which means no friends/family unless they are a supporting member. When November 9th comes, if there are open spots available, we can accommodate non club-members (familys, friends, lurkers) but you still have to choose a group and post in this thread.

    Matt will be leading two groups for this tour. One group will meet at 10:25AM and the other will meet at 1:25PM.

    Do not be late! We are leaving exactly at 10:30AM and exactly at 1:30AM.

    Post in this thread and let us know which group you want to be in.

    10:25AM Group (Meet at the T-Rex)
    1) @ChillyWilly
    2) @Nav
    3) @JKnox
    4) @Jay Lee
    5) @RobMcC
    6) @RobMcC Katherine
    7) @FangBlenny
    8) @DivingTheWorld
    10)@fixedpoint Daughter
    11) @jonmos75's Son.
    12) @fixedpoint Son

    1:25PM Group (Meet at the T-Rex)
    1) @naterock101
    3) @RussW
    4) @MolaMola
    6) @Rod Thompson
    8) @wpeterson's Wife
    9) @HiFidelity
    10) @HiFidelity's +1
    11) @biomimico
    12) @urabggr
    13) @urabggr gf

    Some of you RSVPd a long time ago but are not supporting members and we recently learned that the tour will be split so....I'm sorry your previous RSVPs are not helpful in setting this up.
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California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Tour
Start Date: Nov 14, 2015 12:30 PM
End Date: Nov 14, 2015 02:30 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -08:00 PST

California Academy of Sciences Steinhart
55 Music Concourse Dr.
San Francisco, CA 94118

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Confirmed Attendees: 0
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by denzil, Jan 26, 2015.

    1. 2manyhobbies
      If you are looking for people who want to go to this, please put me on the list. Thanks
    2. denzil
      All you have to do is RSVP to lock in your spot. :)
    3. mediumrare
      I plan on attending +1 (may change close to event)
    4. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Can't get RSVP to work...
    5. Enderturtle
      To use RSVP, click on the box next to Yes.

      (It doesnt show a checkmark but its supposed to.)

      Then click Post
    6. Corallus
      This looks awesome, been wanting to do one of these for a while. Would love to bring the wife along as well.
    7. RobMcC
      RSVP doesn't work using Chrome on my system, but works using IE.
    8. FeliciaLynn
      It isn't letting me RSVP on Chrome or Safari.
    9. Enderturtle
      I just switched from Maybe to Yes. Using chrome.

      Hope everyone understands that when you click the Yes Box, it does not show a checkmark.

      It's suppose to show a checkmark when you click it but it doesn't. Sorry the webmasters are either busy or there is not currently a solution to this problem.

      Just click once in the Yes Box and click Post.
      Last edited: Aug 10, 2015
    10. nly04
      What is the purpose of this tour?
      Is it open to everyone or just paid member?
      Do we need to paid for it? what if I already has season ticket?

      Please provide more detail. Thx
    11. Enderturtle
      You cover your own admission to get into the California Academy of Science.

      If you have season ticket, it will cover it.

      You don't have to pay extra for the sneak peak.

      The Sneak Peak Tour takes you down below the Academy to show you everything they do to maintain their aquariums. From the 10 gallon tanks to the 212,000 Gallon Aquarium.

      It's pretty fun. I went last year.

      After the Behind-The-Scenes Tour is over, you can check out the rest of the Academy of Science.
    12. Merith
      What's the walking like for those that did this before? Also stairs or elevator to get "below"

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    13. Vhuang168
      Does our RSVP cover a +1?
    14. jonmos75
      Mine will be +2
    15. Enderturtle
      FYI everyone. 20 people is the cap for this event. I went last year when there were about 16 people and felt like anymore and it would've been too much.

      They take you through some small areas, meaning if we had more than 20 people, they would have to be in the back where they can't really hear/see.

      Merith the walking is not too bad. We took the stairs down 1 floor to get to the basement. Then you gotta walk through the rooms. Imagine walking around the outside of building NVR had their frag swap at.

      People who are in the Maybe section. If 20 people RSVP as a Yes, they take priority over your Maybe.

      However please make sure you really are going, there is a lot of interest in this event. Don't just say Yes to lock your spot and then bail.

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      Last edited: Aug 23, 2015
    16. jonmos75
      I guess I can pull out my reservation to give other members a spot as me and my family wanted to go but that takes up three spots..:(....but totally understand the amount of members that are allowed to go so its not too crowed on the tour...
    17. Enderturtle
      Okay lol let's lay out some things for this event.

      Sorry didn't have time to write up any descriptions for this, been focusing all efforts on the Regional Frag Swap.

      This event is Members Only. If we don't have 20 members signed up a few days before the event, non-members can attend.
    18. Apon
      There are pictures in old SF tank tour when we we to Steinhart as well. Also I think if you can find Steinhart tour too if you search. Merith we have elevators there so it shouldn't be a problem.

      If you need to free up spots take mine as I am a former volunteer there. No worries. I might help Matt, I will send him a note about it later.

    19. 2manyhobbies

      Yes, 2manyhobbies still wants to go. Group discount sounds good too!

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