Reefer 170 reborn

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Eugene, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Love FTS!


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  2. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    I went with outcompeting dinos with the clean method. Bacteria built from NoPox will outcompete dinos. Once that was under control, I started feeding heavy (fish food, reef chili). As long as I can keep my bacteria population up my dinos won't come back. Easy as adjusting nopox dosage on my dosing pump. Just 2ml / day in my Reefer 170 keeps them away. I tried dropping it to 1.5ml and within three days, dinos popped up again. 2ml seems to be the sweet spot.

    Nothing growing is nice for me. I can spot feed my SPS and dose Aminos (acropower, might be snake oil though), and they grow fine with that + light. My Anemones do fine under my light only with the occasional food bit that they catch.

    I've heard from a few others that they went this route as well. The upside is I have almost no other nuisance algae at all, don't need to maintain a sump/fuge/algae reactor. Water changes aren't really needed for NO3/PO4 export, just for replenishing trace elements most likely (not testing for that) and maybe some other build up of other things I'm not testing for.
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  3. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    I pulled half of my sand out, added UV filter and dosed some dino-x. Looks like the dinos are not growing as fast as before and I've got some nutrients back - today's readings where NO3 - 5ppm, PO4 - 0.04. I'm not doing anything at all now besides dino-x - will see what will happens. I might left tank bare-bottom for a little while and see if it'll help. Hope to get some coraline growth back - it stopped once dinos appeared.
  4. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Tired of writing documentation today and decided to make short macro session. Here are some macros:

    DSCF4450.jpg DSCF4459.jpg DSCF4464.jpg DSCF4473.jpg DSCF4500.jpg DSCF4503.jpg DSCF4506.jpg DSCF4511.jpg DSCF4526.jpg DSCF4530.jpg
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  5. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    And couple more: DSCF4531.jpg DSCF4533.jpg DSCF4534.jpg DSCF4538.jpg DSCF4544.jpg
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  6. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster Staff Member

    Nice photos! Care to share what equipment you used and settings for iso/f stop and other methods you used for above shots?

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  7. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Used macro lens handheld on Fuji xt-10. Nothing special - high ISO (6400 I think) , custom WB, F 5/6 - 7. Really hard to make macro without tripod, also think I needed to put polarizer to cut reflection but don't have one in the lens size.
  8. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Latest update of my battle with dino - after 2 weeks dosing dino-x, running uv sterilizer and removing sand I finally saw dino recessed - looks like it happened in one-two days after 8 dose of dino-x. Some corals stressed - leather didn’t opened for last 3 days, acans are not happy but I moved it around when removed sand. Shrimp looks stressed - that might be result of dino toxins released to the water. I thought she is gone already but this morning she looks alive hiding in the crevice. I’ve put some charcoal to the filter sock - hope it will remove toxins from the water.
    Last sample under microscope looked like mostly GHA with some random dino cells. Will monitor it closely - might do some large water change.

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  9. Cruz Mc5

    Cruz Mc5 Supporting Member

    Nice! Hopefully they stay on the losing end of the battle.
  10. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    He - now I have everything covered with nice hair algae and skimmer pump stopped. Looks like an "dirty method to me" - No3 jumped to 16-20ppm, PO4 - is good 0.03.
  11. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Its been awhile since I posted progres - last couple months I’ve removed almost all sand and dinos almost gone. I still see some slight brown tint on the sand leftovers but overall tank looks happy. There were couple casualties of my dino battle - cali tort colony lost all tissue and my toadstool doesn’t open for almost three month. Here is latest crappy photo:
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  12. ofzakaria

    ofzakaria Supporting Member

  13. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    love your rockwork. Are you going to keep it barebottom?
  14. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Thanks - it's a camera photos edited in google snapshot app. Not the best imho - the phone camera is not sharp for my taste.
  15. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Not sure - it covers with coraline in days and looks too empty. Also I think sand reflects light and add more PAR to the tank.
    I need to either add more corals to the bottom to cover most or try sand again. But I afraid of dinos coming back since it was sand-only.
    Interesting that my ALK/CA dosing dropped from 20ml/day to 7-9 after I removed the sand.
  16. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Another month without dino - what a pleasure! I still closely monitor nutrients and dose 0.01-0.02 ppm phosphates sometimes once it drops to zero. I don't see any dinos anymore - even on the sand leftovers behind the rocks. Still thinking how to fill empty space of the bare bottom - I've got couple chalice frags from frag swap but not sure about placement - I don't see any PE at night assume it's not very happy. And for sure another FTS:

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  17. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit BOD

    Well...The sand would have had some buffering capacity since it’s a bicarbonate based sand made up of pulverized coral. So not too surprising
  18. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Can’t stop taking photos once I see nice angle:


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  19. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Updated last picture - looks like I need good hosting site!
  20. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Here are some latest tank pics - SPS are grows too fast in crumped space

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