Reefer 170 reborn

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Eugene, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster Staff Member

    Let it grow and die first, and displace the cyano daily

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  2. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Aestetically its the only one white light l know. I made some upgrades - added diffuser to reduce disco and set it on kessil arm with AI mount kit - imho it looks better than AI and all wires are hidden. Software is good enough for my needs - the only thing I would add maybe random clouds. PAR is good for my needs - 50-100 at sand, 200 on top at 50/25% - should be more tham enough to grow anything. I would say its too powerful - most set it initially to high and bleach corals.
  3. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Tank is doing ok so far - there some cyano algae on the sand, but manageable. Also saw some signs of coraline on the back wall. Thank you Eoud and Bruce for corals!
    Now time for some photos:

    - thats my favorite guy :)



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  4. NelsonCh

    NelsonCh Supporting Member

    Is that an algae blenny? Ive only seem a couple but those markings make me think its something else... like a gem blenny! Haha

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  5. grizfyrfyter

    grizfyrfyter Guest

    Starry blenny
  6. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Yes - starry blenny. Really nice guy - looks like a boss! :)
  7. Flagg37

    Flagg37 Supporting Member

    I like my starry blenny. I’ll definitely get another for my next setup. He’s got a good personality. I like how he perches on other corals and just watches things. He loves my purple sponge. It must be like a nice soft couch for him.
  8. grizfyrfyter

    grizfyrfyter Guest

    The last one I had would perch on my maxima clam. The clam didn't seem to be bothered by it.
  9. Mozby

    Mozby Supporting Member

    Everything looks good. I especially like the acans on the left! Where did you pick that up?
  10. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    The left one I've got from local LFS ( there is only one LFS in Pleasant Hill ;) ) Another one is a nice gift from @eoud
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  11. JVU


    My starry blenny is my favorite fish too.

    Also smartest I think. Everyone else waits for the food to sink from the feeding rings, he just barges up and starts chowing down inside the ring!

    And when I come around he is definitely looking at me, not just in my direction.
  12. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Time for another picture - thanks to great club members for some new corals:


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  13. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    Hi everyone,

    I was having hard time figuring flow in this tank since it's small cube and looking for experienced reefers for help.
    I finally got two mp10 I have tried couple different locations and couldn't find a good flow balance:
    1) tried to put it on the back wall. Looks best but the flow from the front glass blows all my torches and frogspans even on slowest flow reflected from the glass. But nice turbulence at the top and middle parts of the tank.

    2) I put one on the side and second at the back - looks ugly in such a small tank. It made flow linear from one side to another, not random since the pumps works together in same direction. Better for euphylias but acans and SPS didn't like it much.

    The only thing I didn't tried is to put both on the sides against each other - hate the look of pumps sticking out of the sides but it might make flow better.

    Any other ideas how to organize flow in such a small cube?
  14. Yippee

    Yippee Supporting Member

    Your pumps will accumulate algae which will attract the blenny to go inside the pump. Be sure to check your pumps before you turn them on after maintenance or feeding. The MP 10 has a slow speed feed mode setting that might keep the blenny out. I lost mine that way and would hate to see you lose yours. Maybe the anemone guard made by @grizfyrfyter will keep him out.
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  15. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Have you tried other pump flow modes like reef crest? I prefer to use reefcrest 100% of the time as it seems to generate the most random flow in my tanks which may help you out so you don't have the same consistent linear flow hitting your coral all the time.
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  16. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    I'm using reefcrest mode - right now pumps are not connected but thinking of putting it in anti-sync mode. Too much flow in one direction so far
  17. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    I think I found it! Got some position where pumps works against each other - hide one behind the rock shelf lower and other higher. Also put loc-line splitter to return line - So far looks better, there is a nice turbulence and the flow is random.
    Will see in couple days how the corals will react - the SPS already have polyps extended better than it was before.

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  18. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    What a difference after changing flow - now it’s slow and steady, SPS polyp extension is better than I ever seen:


    There is a bad news also - one of my clowns magically disappeared - it might have jumped out of the tank of got cleaned by snails. I had a pair - big one and smaller one. The smaller one is gone - I suppose it was a male but not sure. Does it make sense to add a pair? Clowns was about 3 years old.

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  19. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster Staff Member

    Check your overflow/ sump

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  20. Eugene

    Eugene Supporting Member

    It's closed by the lid - there is no way to get there... I assume he is either behind the stand or was cleaned by the snails or my cat

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