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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by tapmorf, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. tapmorf

    tapmorf Guest

    It has been a while for me without a tank, and it definitely feels strange not to have the BAR community of friends and reefing resources out here in Reno. The only aquarium shop has closed down due to the economy.

    We have been doing a lot of projects around the house, built in bookcases upstairs, painting, epoxy the garage floor and even restoring a Ski Nautique boat. Most recently we are in the process of getting the office done with built in desks and bookcases.

    Having said all that, wouldn't it be nice to have a small reef on top of the desks ? I hung onto my 24g aquapod setup in hopes that one day, I would start up again and get my arms wet once again. The positive is that I still have all the adequate equipment to get it up and running. The only thing I would need would be a small chiller to keep the temps down during the summer.

    My goal is to keep it simple and have fun in this hobby again. I will start a thread when the time comes, but until then hello to BAR.
  2. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    Good to hear from you. How do you like Reno?
  3. xinumaster

    xinumaster Guest

    Nice to hear from you again. Too bad your lfs closed down. I can bring you some corals next time I'm in Reno.
  4. tapmorf

    tapmorf Guest

    I like all the open space, the walking trails and my son loves the snow. It is a slower pace than what I was used to, but I am not complaining.
  5. tapmorf

    tapmorf Guest

    Hey Perry,
    Thanks for the kind offer, it won't be for a while. I am going to try to make it to a BAR event this year and see everyone.
  6. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Hey good to hear from you Joyce!

    Sucks about not having a setup, store, etc... but if you ever do get a tank setup, just remember Reno isn't but a 3-3.5 hour drive away and all the good stuff in the Bay Area you left is still here (and more!) :D
  7. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    you could always open your own little shop up there : )

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