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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by bayview, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Coral reefer

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    What made you want to do the ats so much? I know vortechs are expensive, but maybe one with the battery backup would be a feasible option?
  2. bayview

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    Yeah wish $ wasn't an option; then I wouldn't have to work j/k

    Been doing this on the cheap so far no more than $200 invested total (salt, plastic, tarp, heater) rest was donated or I already had; was only planning on putting another $400 into this for awhile ow well ... (salt, 600gph return; overflow; 2 x 1300gph wave makers; fish; sps frags)

    Color looks fine with the tarp tint and blue t5's I already had; Have used icecap 430's VHO ballasts if it really bugs me. Right now when I'm usually home enjoying it is from 6-8pm; colors really pop good then ....

    Not sure what to do on the back up power; needs auto on / auto off ability with outages.

    Biggest concern is temperature at night with a power failure.

    Figured it will take min 1000watts peak off an on; return pumps 100watts; 800 watts in heaters ....

    Priced out the ups was more than I'm willing to dish out currently
    $150 ups inverter with auto on / off
    $200 180 watt solar battery charger
    $550 3 x 100amp hour deep cycle batteries

    That would barely cover an 9 hour overnight outage ... (3600watts / 400w = 9 hour b-up )
  3. bayview

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    Went with the ATS as it keeps the nitrate and phosphates at 0 even with my massive overfeeding habits;
    By keeping everything at 0 it will keep algae out of the tanks even with the sunlight; .
    (It is sized for 1000 gallon system);
    Takes up a small area (biggest bang for buck);
    No recurring cost; aka phosphate media to change etc.

    This guys ATS is what got me intrigued;

    Just noticed the natural gas pool heater is abandoned here .... looks abit big ... wonders if it can be converted to saltwater without going boom
  4. rygh

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    I have been running an ATS for years. Love it.

    For the heater : Suggest a secondary isolated loop.
    So the pool heater heats a small fresh water reservoir, which then is pumped through
    the sump in a PEX pipe, transferring heat to the main tank.
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    You may want to check out that thread to see if there is anything worth copying. They get a little more light in Australia then us here, but might be something useful.
  6. Kensington Reefer

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    Are those all koi?
  7. bayview

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    Well I decided living in the bay and the view was costing me to much; decided to make some concessions in life instead ... and to look at foreclosures, 7 more days of escrow and I hopefully will have my own property / shack :) 5k gpd well 50ppm

    Good news is 90% of my reef animals have survived; and are doing well in my fathers sun gazebo ... sps, jawfish, blenny didn't make it
    Plan on setting up two displays 120 5ft long and getting a dsa neo 105 rimless for inside the house ...

    Still have to work occasionally in the bay but allot less, and hope to start showing up at meetings again;

    Maybe in the spring ill get to setting up a coral pond / propagation area ...

    So far checked out some local stores all seemed awesome
    aquarium depot & my reef in roseville both had good selections and affordable;
    Aqua Life Aquarium in rocklin also was packed with frags ..

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    Yeap those are about 1/30 of the babes that hatched this year, my dad has another 2,000 one year olds that have been culled for color, and about another 500+ 3 year olds and breeders ... he needs to sell them :p or he keeps building more ponds ....

    I told him I'll take some soon, he thinks for a pond, I was more of thinking of trading them in for some frags lol

    Attached files /attachments/sites/default/files/dadshouse.JPG
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  10. Coral reefer

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  11. bayview

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    Custom led light
    24uv 18 deep blue 18 royal blue 8 warm white 4 660 red
  12. JAR

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    beautiful tang!
  13. Kensington Reefer

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  14. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Very nice!!
    I really like the color and how everything pops.

    This was interesting and a rather unique ratio:
    > 24uv 18 deep blue 18 royal blue 8 warm white 4 660 red
    That is a lot of UV LEDs. Probably why everything "pops."
    Are you happy with that?
  15. bayview

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    I love it I just ordered 2 10 w rbg led floodlights with remotes that are dim-able to be able change the color more and use as moonlights ... even at 10% brightness the lowest it goes it is to bright to use as a moonlight ... 2 whites could be swapped out for greens would be a better arctic light

    The spectrum is exactly of a 20k bulb with arctics added the uv is at 400nm ... It's a great viewing light ... 48" they just came out with 60" and 72" inch this last week ...

    Led from 10am-7pm 50% brightness
    400w 20k halide 3-7pm
    Led from 7-10pm 100%

    Led with halide
  16. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Wild colors with the LED only.
    In a way I might like that better. Ditch the Halide. :)
    Very cool purple effect. Not surprising with that mix.
  17. FeliciaLynn

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    I love how purple everything is with LEDs only!
  18. bayview

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    I will ditch the halide when I can save for 4 50w led 20k floods ... kinda didn't want to experiment with the spread or color either... would cost about another $700 to get rapidled fixtures or 2 more 60" buildmyled bars ... I actually happy with the halide ... temps still not above 79 and am getting outstanding growth and color is good as well .

    Led video with dimming effects and 10watt rgb effects
  19. bayview

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    40g rimless
  20. bayview

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