2022 Event Schedule


Vice President
BAR Event Schedule for 2022:
2/5 (Sat) 4pm Speaker Talk - Coral identification (Russell Kelley from BYO guides)
2/6 (Sun) Reefing restaurant get together: Bowl of Pho @1pm
2/8 (Tues) 7pm BOD mtg (link to info here)
2/18 (Fri) 5pm Zoom meetup/happy hour (click here for details)
2/26 (Sat) 1pm Fragging workshop @Fish Doctor, Pacifica (click here for details)

3/5 (Sat) @5pm Speaker Talk - Vincent Chalias (click here for details)
3/19 (Sat) Members Only Frag Swap, registration @10:15a , swap 11a-1p, location TBA (click here for details)
5/20 (Fri) 11:30am-1:00pm Monterrey Bay Aquarium behind-the scenes tour (feat. the new “Into the Deep” exhibit) (click here for details)
6/11 (Sat) Fragging workshop, High Tide Aquatics, 2819 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, CA 94602 (click here for details)
7/16 (Sat) 11:30a registration/12-2p swap: Member’s Only Frag Swap, Seven Stills, San Francisco (click here for details)
9/3 (Sat) Speaker Talk - Book Author theme *Labor day weekend
9/23 (Fri) & 9/24 (Sat) Coral Farmers Market (BAR will have a booth)
10/1 (Sat) Speaker Talk - Fish biz theme
10/TBA (Sat) Reefing restaurant get together
10/TBA Frag swap
11/5 (Sat) Speaker Talk - Reef automation/tech theme
12/3 (Sat) Save date in case of a rescheduled speaker talk
12/10 (Sat) Holiday potluck

- virtual talks (Zoom) - to meet our goal for education/husbandry. Also, because virtual events is one thing COVID can’t ruin!
- Members only Frag swap
- Reefing restaurant get togethers
- Workshop/DIY events
- End of year holiday potluck (fingers crossed!)
- Aquarium tour (Steinhart, Monterrey Bay) or Tide Pool outing
- Zoom social meetups/happy hours (spontaneous tank tours may occur) - we’ll schedule these extemporaneously
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