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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by iani, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. iani

    iani Guest

    They have come down in price quite a bit. LA is selling them every once in a while now for 200 a pair. That means you should be able to get them locally for that price at any place that carries ORA.
  2. iani

    iani Guest

    You know I am not sure. Richard was there when I noticed it. Cleared the tubing, reset the pump head and it started to work again. The pump did not die.
  3. sfboarders

    sfboarders Guest

    I got one of those bleached chalices. It's white with glowing eyes. I have no idea what kinda chalice it is! :bigsmile:
  4. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    Ian I am glad you saw that jug near full when you did. Dave, pop that bad boy off and wipe it down then restart. His hose looked creep filled too, but it all happened so fast not sure what part of the fix got it back running. I do not have dosing pump, so very good for me to see its guts out.

    Everyone Ian needs a hand. Lets all show up and dig out his basement for a plush fish room. Then we can hit Rich up the follow weekend. Of course this from someone who removed 42 tons of soil by hand with one helper, to remove a very old fuel oil tank spill at our house in Durham, NC. The bottom of the hole was 12 feet below grade, so we used a pulley and five gallon buckets towards the end. Until then just walking two buckets at a time up a ladder.
  5. iani

    iani Guest

    That sounds crazy Richard.
  6. yardartist

    yardartist Guest

    And you thought I was joking. It took four weeks, and three large dump bins. There was a crew of six for four hours one of those days.

    Had to sell it clean, without a good stash of cash. Almost $10,000 for dump fees for contaminated soil. For diesel they spread it on a field and add nitrogen to feed the bacteria that consume the oil.

    Well after you go out and up, you may decide to go down.
  7. houser

    houser Past President

    About time to remove the very soon part of this title Ian. I'll check the pump as the pumpmaster recommends...
  8. iani

    iani Guest

    LOL Richard you are crazy. haha.

    Dave, its done.
  9. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    yeah underground fuel tanks are big issue, you're lucky if you didn't have the county inspector up your ass doing soil tests until they find no contamination.
  10. iani

    iani Guest

    Two new wrasses also added, picked up both from Karson @ Aquactic Collection.

    cirrhilabrus beauperryi

    Cirrhilabrus condei
  11. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    Nice picks :)
  12. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    sweet! How many fish do you have in the system Ian?
  13. 650-IS350

    650-IS350 Supporting Member

    Looking good Ian. Like the fish bruh.

  14. iani

    iani Guest

    Jon, probably 17 or 18 in the display. And maybe 13 or so down stairs. Out of all of them I only have 4 larger fish, I have 3 tangs (black, purple, Achilles) and 1 foxface. The system is about 450-500 gallons.

    Thanks Charles.
  15. JAR

    JAR Supporting Member

    I just added a pair of flame wrasses and I am up to 15 fish in about 250 gallons total.
    3 tangs 4 wrasses 2 gobies 3 clowns 2 cardinals 1 mandarin.
    So far no problem with nitrates.
  16. nanoguy

    nanoguy Guest

    I had an entire tank of super rare albino corals 5 months back courtesy of PG&E blowing up my neighborhood and burning up my neighbors :| . The tank is looking good Ian.
  17. Mr. Ugly

    Mr. Ugly Past President

    If you maintain your Mg levels, the albino corals color up to a nice purple over time.
  18. FunGuy

    FunGuy Guest

    Nice fish!
  19. iani

    iani Guest

    Thanks Jimmy. How is the tank now? How far away were you from it?
  20. iani

    iani Guest

    Thanks, I think Karson has more of the wrasses. Both are doing good after being harassed by the long fin fairy for a few days.

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