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Adit's 750 xxl

update. about a year ago I lost all my acros (the montis had all died off about a year prior from some flash brown jelly like wasting event), save for my OG tricolor valida, which I got from someone in livermore, a pink/green milli from the same source, and a tricolor stag/tort which hitchhiked on a green slimer colony I had had. since then the lps & zoas have come to thrive and are the dominant species, although the remaining sps do continue to grow (despite continuing to have aefw in the tank). I've started to really like acans/gonis


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also, I finally got an apex & trident over the past black friday season. functionally it's not yet controlling anything more than my old reefkeeper lite did, but the cool charts and data that constantly gets logged is alone something that is totally worth it imo!
he's gotten by off a meager amount of pellets (high competition from tankmates) from a 3x daily autofeeder + 2 sheets a day (for the entire tank) of nori for most of the last 12 months, though that was an ashamedly more neglectful period of time. But this particular fish always had a great deal of spirit, or will to live, and ate voraciously even in the dt tank when I saw it. I do like to feed some frozen 1-2 times a week, around 4-5 cubes at a time.