Any tip to keep buble tip anemone stay put?


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Like the tittle sate, I am planning to add a couple bta into my tank, I keep them before but some move and some don't. Any suggestion?


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What I have noticed:
They do not like to be hit by direct flow. So in the corners and sides seems to work well.
They like lots of sharp crags to hid in. Not smooth live rock. Get some with lots of tiny branches.
Lower in the tank, not tons of light.
Maybe some clowns when they get established.
Oh - and they split. I had one. Now I have lots.


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Out of curiosity what is the composition of the tank? In my experience (which I'll admit is limited) is that in a softy tank it's not a huge deal, so a squishy reef is fine with anemones, it's when you start getting stony corals that things make a turn for the worse, simply because they tend to grow in such a fashion that can drastically change water flow patterns hence screw with an anemones happy place. Don't get me wrong plenty of people have anemones of one type or another in a reef tank, but you do really need to let them decide where the "best place" is, where you choose is never going to be the best place.


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Best to let the nem pick its spot and settle then rearrange/plan your coral placement around it.

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Ive kept mine in a small terracotta flower pot in the past with good luck like a 4" one I think.