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Baby Trochus Snail

Pleasure to meet you @IOnceWasLegend. Your garage frag tank setup is pretty sweet. Looking forward to hearing if your adult trochus pair is breeding as well... And thanks for the skimmer! I'll try getting it set up on Thursday when I'm off and let you know if it works for me.

Should I add into barcode that I gave "frags" to @thesassyindian and @1NC0GNIT0? Or does that get inputted once they pick them up?

As @IOnceWasLegend said if someone would like to coordinate with him for pickup he has one extra set of snails. But Josh feel free to keep them if you'd like. I still believe there are over 100 babies in my little 13.5 so I'll be excited to send some more out.

I will be driving through south San Jose and up the east side of the bay on July 24th, most likely passing through during the earlish morning (8-11am), let me know if anyone would like a set or two. Maybe we can coordinate a couple meet up spots or one person can be a middle man like we did this time. I'd be down to take 880 up to 80 and 680 back down if that makes it easier for people.
Hey neros I do every now and then. What time does traffic get bad? I might be able to swing through that way today around 3 or 4
Sorry, I just got home from work. Traffic is okay before 330 during the week. The weekend, forget about it until Fall.

I’m happy to meet up if you make this way, but please don’t go out of your way. Thanks!
Also I came across this listing for baby trochus snails on, and they say that you should expect these to take 2 years to reach full size! I have trochus snails that sometimes have babies and didn’t think they took that long, maybe a few months. But anyway, just to set expectations that these snails may be juveniles as long as a dog is a puppy lol.

@Alexx @wcfish21 @ryanraff @Mason

Hey all,

Just checking to see where everyone is located. Family thing came up and I ended up flying to Oregon instead of driving. I won't be heading up on Saturday like I had planned. However I'd love to do a bay area coral cruise sometime soon. If I can get that planned I'd love to distribute some baby snails to you all.