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Black Friday Run

Some salts mix cleaner than others e.g. don't foul your mixing container. I've never heard of anyone using that brand but just see what works best for you. Apparently it's from the same company that developed IO salt. Only diff is that they add amino acids, vitamins, and other things:
Canbyou expand on "foul your mixing container"? My trashcan in which I mix gets a ton of sediment. Never thought it was a problem though. I citric acid bath it about every 6 months.
Yeah that's exactly it. I currently use Tropic Marin pro and never have anything left behind in or stuck to the sides vs. like red sea or some other mixes. ESV mixed perfectly for me as well.
I've never heard of anyone using that brand but just see what works best for you.
It is backed by IO from what I understand. I spoke with the owner of Aquatic Collection briefly and asked him about the salt. They use it for the shop. They bring in a higher quantity of it which is why they have it at a cheaper price. I'm guessing it was also a wise decision with the supplier to offer them further discounts to get people to try it. He said he's really happy with its performance overall for everything here. I'm very tempted as I'm standing here in line to check out.
@ReyDeFarts how did the torches look? I’m assuming they’ll be sold out today.
Hey. I'm sorry for not seeing this sooner. I was driving around like a crazy man afterward. They gave out vouchers before they opened the doors. They sold out.
Is there anything good left? Is it still worth a trip?
Even if you didn't get a doorbuster deal, all livestock was 25% off.
Is the Doorbuster deal only for Friday or does it run until the 27th? I was going to look at the Indo Mariculture Acro. I’ll be going tomorrow (If we put up our outdoor Christmas lights, decorations fast enough) or Sunday.
Damn. I am out of town. Looks like I missed some good deals.
By any chance did any of you happen to see if there were a masked Japanese swallowtail angels in stock?
Did they still have Watanabe Ángels in stock?