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Bonus/Ultra SPS List for Member Swap

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We have updated the SPS bonus/ultra list for the upcoming swap. A big shoutout to @Vhuang168 and @Bruce Spiegelman for compiling this list. If you believe an Acro is worthy of being on this list, please make your request here.

Bonus SPS Corals:
1 inch - $500 Efflo
1 inch - 20K Lokani
1 inch - 30K Lokani
1 inch - ATL Shades of Fall
1 inch - Aqua Delight
1 inch - BC Spainbow
1 inch - Cali Tort
1 inch - Joe’s Rainbow
1 inch - Cornbred Purple Planet
1 inch - Reef Raft Aussie Gold
1 inch - Mr Ugly’s Red Prostrata
1 inch - ORA Blue Voodoo
1 inch - ORA Borealis
1 inch - ORA Joe the Coral
1 inch - ORA Pearlberry
1 inch - PC Rainbow
1 inch - Pink Lemonade
1 inch - Red Dragon (do not bring fake red dragon acro)
1 inch - R66 Bloodshot Acropora
1 inch - Palmer’s Blue Millepora
1 inch - Apple Berry Montipora
1 inch - Bubblegum Digitata
1 inch - Sunset Millepora
1 Inch - Tyree Purple Monster
1 Inch – Vivid Rainbow
2 Inch - Paletta Pink Tip
1 inch - Reef Raft The Vinh
1 Inch - WWC Blueberry Fields
1 Inch – WWC Red Shortcake
1 Inch – WWC Christmas Mirabilis
1 Inch – WWC King Fiji
1 Inch - WWC Little Red Ferrari
1 Inch – Tyree Pink Lemonade

Ultra SPS Corals:

1 inch - Diabolic Pacman
1 inch – Tyree Ice Fire Echinata
1 inch - Oregon Tort
1 inch - Purple Monster
1 inch - RR Orange Passion
1 inch - RR Wolverine
1 inch - RR Pink Floyd
1 inch - Tierra Del Fuego
1 inch - TCK Pikachu
1 inch - Walt Disney
1 inch - Wet Thumbs Mother of Pearl
1 inch - Copps 24K Millepora
1 inch - WWC Somewhere Over The Rainbow Millepora
1 Inch – JF Foxflame
1 Inch – SC Orange Passion
1 Inch – BigR Walt Disney
¾Inch – Homewrecker
1 Inch – RR Pink Floyd
1 Inch – WWC After Party
1 Inch – Vivid Tweety Birds
1 Inch – Vivid Bada Bing
1 Inch – Vivid Yellowjacket
3/4 Inch - Vivid Four Loko
1 Inch - Vivid Pink Passion
3/4 Inch - Vivid Confetti
3/4 Inch –Arc Fireworks
1 Inch – JF Serial Killer
1 Inch – WWC Helios
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Need to have a ruler handy for these bonus ones, saw some tiny nubs the last swap that I question the "1 inch" size :D
I've seen this at every frag swap along with "no fresh cuts".

Last one I went to in sac, one guy made 40+ frags that morning and they spent so much time in cold water that most of his frags were dead before they made it home.

Bruce Spiegelman

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I would second that if it’s a fluorescing red because that would be something I’d want to pick up. Does it glow under blue only lighting?

I think (as with many SPS) color depends on lighting with this one. Blasted and grown under MH's it fluoresces more towards red, but it's more orange I think if it sits in a 250ish PAR? Maybe someone else can chime in here.
Sorry for the late question but would a beach bum monti make either list? It’s grown a lot since this pic but color has dulled a bit since it’s on my rack.

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Beach bum should be ultra. Do you have another picture of it? Color looks off for a beach bum

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Beach bum should be ultra. Do you have another picture of it? Color looks off for a beach bum

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This is a pic from the mother colony. Not my pic but I purchased the frag from a reputable 916 reefer. If you don’t think it’s an actual beach bum I can withhold.

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