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Chaeto reactor

I just picked up a skimz microalgae reactor.
Initially I had taken some chaeto from RandyC and just dumped it in the sump with a kessil A80 That did wonders for the chaeto growth and the phosphates/nitrates reduction (phosphates literally dropped to zero)
Issue was chaeto was escaping the refugium and I was concerned that it would jam a powerhead somewhere.
So I locked it up in a clear media container.
Def did not do as well and ended up with a cyano outbreak.
Hopefully the skimz will do the trick. I have it set to run counter to lights on dt tank.

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I just started using a skimz reactor. Will have to see how it does vs a standard fuge.

Wanted to cut down on spillage of fuge light. I have coralline and algae growing in my skimmer. And other parts of the sump.

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Thanks I’ll look into that . I want to see if this works for now. Here is a pic of the paint I tore up thinking it would just peel off. My IM does not have the removable backing for some reason

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Bruce Spiegelman

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Weird. All mine have peeled off in strips. If it bothers you I'm sure you can grab some marine paint and just repaint that section so you'll never notice.