Coral Farmers’ Market announced for Feb 10, 2018!

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  1. Ibn

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    It's probably a good thing that you didn't buy the mushroom, Mark. Most hi-lighter pink mushrooms are just bleached shrooms.
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  2. daddio

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  3. Soft corals and Anemones can be bleached or colored. It's often seen with Carpet Nems as well as RBTA "New Morphs!" or "Lemon Drop Rediscovered!". They come in looking great often enough, but generally die soon after.
  4. Ibn

    Ibn Guest

    They expel their zooanthellae which gives them that highlighter look. Corals for the most part rely on zooanthellae to provide them with the nutrition to sustain them and grow. The colors that you see on the coral tissue is from the zooanthellae. Most of the light pinks that you see are bleached and will eventually die and even if they don't once they recover their zooanthellae, they end up looking a different color (that hi-lighter pink mushroom is most likely either brown or orange originally).
  5. Kim Pattison

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    These are the clown that we are donating.
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  6. ashburn2k

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    they are beautiful
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    BAYMAC Guest

    It can also be induced, odd color that is. Exporters, the shifty kind, have learned certain chemicals will "bleach" nems and such a odd pastel color for a bit, usually they die not long after. Ammonia exposure in holding/shipping can do it as well.

    BAYMAC Guest

    Which is exactly what BAYMAC was designed to do, support the clubs :)
  9. Ashalye

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    Heads up, the last day to buy pre-sale tickets for the Coral Farmers Market is tomorrow, Sunday, Feb 4th.
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  10. Sorry, but I won't be able to make it this year. I have other commitments that weekend. I hope you all have a great time!

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