First Reefing adventure.. 65G AIO


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Alk = 8.6 now, 8.4 before WC
Nitrate = ~2ppm now, before 0 (DT have 5-10ppm Nitrate)
Ammonia =0 before and after

BRS messed up my Hanna Phosphate checker order. Reorder and have to wait ~1 week.
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Ok salinity drop from 1.025 to 1.024. I’ll raised it back

being a small tank without ato is tough to keep the salinity constant. I really don’t want more gadgets!


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ATO has been 100% worth it on my 32g AIO. Cheap enough IMO, currently using the reefbreeders prism in a back chamber


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@Coral reefer May i ask what is the name of this coral? I got this from you.


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Shout out to @H2OPlayar . Visited him yesterday. Wow, he have a great tank. mature colony in a beautiful setup. I hope one day, my coral will look half as nice as his! He passed me quite a few frags. Dip and went straight to DT. My coral QT is not up to standard and hate bleaching healthy coral like i did previously. A few pods comes out during the dip, nothing really anything i should worry about.

On a separate topic, had a "Ops moment" today

Did a weekly water change.

1. Fill the container with RODI - check
2. Add salt - check
3. Turn on pump - check

** water in the DT start turning cloudy **

WTF. I accidently have the valve set to pump water from the mixing container to DT. Ops.. I'm glad only small amount of un-mix salt get to the DT. Not measurable salinity change. I know this is not good for the fish and coral, but hey its accident and shit happens.

Alk: 7.7 (hanna) used to be in the 8.4 range..
Ca - 420 (salifert)
Mg - 1360 (salifert)
Nitrates = 5-10 (redsea)

I just change the salt to Fritz. Need to measure the new saltwater parameters before adding to tank.

I should look into dosing. But first off, is it normal for Alk to drop but Ca and Mg hold steady? I have been reading up on Carbocalcium & bio-Magnesium by Tropic Marine. The ingredient of the popular All For Reef, minus the trace elements. Either that or Kalk.

More research later.


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Finally got my phosphate reading . Hanna showing 0.02 . I think I should be okay with overall water parameters for now. Bought the liquid version of tropic marine carbo calcium. Plan to manually dose if alk continue to drop.

will keep an eye on calcium.

diamtoms seems be disappearing but cyno is slowing increasing. Nothing out of control yet. I don’t think any cuc eat cyno, right? No sign of Caroline algae.

corals seems to be doing okay. Besides the 2 frags that got totally bleach in qt, the rest seems to be ok. Purple stylo slowing getting its color back. The healthiest seems to be the orange digitata. Sunset monti is coloring up and polyps extensions nicely.

going to stop adding coral for the next month or so. Want to ensure the current batch is doing well.

love the chalice coral look. Are they good for encrusting the bottom glass? If yea, I’ll need to butter up coral_reefer since he have the largest chalice collection. Haha


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Finally can take decent pic (using orange and yellow filter)


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