Fragging/Dipping workshop 6/5, 10a-12p

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Fragging/Dipping workshop 6/5, 10a-12p​

In preparation for our Members’ Swap on 6/26, we are having a fragging/dipping workshop on 6/5 at Will’s (@Wlachnit) house in Pleasanton. 10a-12p.

Supporting members
are welcome, can bring a guest (space permitting). No children since we will have some potentially dangerous equipment active. It’s up to Will how many people he feels comfortable hosting, so RSVP in the poll. Last time he hosted in his spacious garage with the garage door open.

We will be discussing and getting hands-on practice with techniques for fragging coral, mounting coral to plugs/rock, using frag containers/swap labels, dipping new frags for pests, and whatever else you guys would like. We will have band saws, bone cutters, scalpels, glue, plugs, rubble, etc to use. If you want to bring your own tools or donate some consumables, great (and let us know). Everyone should bring your own safety glasses, and gloves if you’ll use them.

We will need people to bring some coral colonies that you would like to have fragged up. It will help to have a variety of types of coral to practice on. What you do with the resulting frags of colonies you bring is completely up to you; options include taking them home again, donating some or all to the swap, giving or selling to the folks there, etc. Whatever makes sense for you, just have something in mind by the day of. The main thing we need is coral to practice on. Even dead coral skeletons would be helpful for practice.

For the members who have the club band saws, please confirm here that you will bring it or arrange for someone to bring it.

We will need some of the more experienced members to lead each of the practice zones, we’ll have more details about this and a signup shortly.
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Several of these could use more than one person bringing. It’s also useful to see what different people use.

People are planning to bring (will update based on posts):


Other types of saw- @JVU (Maxspect handsaw)
Bone cutter, forceps, etc- @JVU,
Dipping bowl, baster- @JVU,
Folding tables-

Supplies (will be supplied by BAR unless people have some to bring):

Frag plugs-
Frag rubble-
CA glue-
Coral dips-
Soft coral mounting-
Deli cups-
Swap labels, markers, examples-
5 gallon bucket of saltwater at 35 ppt-

Coral to frag (need various types):

@Srt4eric - Blasto
@H2OPlayar - Duncan, trumpets
@JVU - Various SPS, zoas, mushrooms. Hammer.
Dead coral skeletons- @JVU


Also looking for people with some experience to sign up to man the stations for part of the event to teach folks:

Bandsaw fragging-
Other hard coral fragging-
Soft coral fragging-
Dipping and mounting-
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Good time to try fragging my Duncan's and trumpet's! I just bought myself my first coral dips ever!

Edit: Thinking about it more, I want to meet more people, frag more things, and get picky about my coral, so I changed my maybe to a yes!

Edit #2: I think I also need to add a chalice and maybe zoas to the list. If anyone things it would be useful, I have a large mushroom rock too, but that's like of like doing zoas. Split the rock and whatever goes to each side goes. I can also bring birds nest, montipora setosa and chili pepper montipora if people find value there. I don't want to monopolize the event, but I guess I got lot's to frag! Happy to let other members frag stuff for me, lol.
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No. You only get to watch him play with trains. No touching.
And only from the other room…

I had a set growing up and would always just set the speed too high so it would derail :p