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Galoot's 220...rebirth 2024, take 2


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Hey y'all.

Finally got the tank I picked up from Bob last year, the old AC display, out of the garage and in the house.

First I had to break down my old system... A 100g Visio tank that had been there for 10 years. Then moved everything into a stock tank out on the patio

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Then it was time to assess the damages to the floor and walls. Not had at all considering I had multiple leaks over the years[emoji57]

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Had to upgrade the electrical. Pulled 2 new 20 amp circuits for this setup. As well as paint the whole room a new color. Along with now redecorating the room...Happy wife, happy life[emoji16]. Test fit the stand. Pretty level, just needs a little shim here and there.

Prior to this I powdered coated the stand, painted the plywood and foam black

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Now I need to decide if I'm going to skim the stand or leave it open. The wife likes the idea of keeping it open but doesn't want to see the "stuff" underneath...

I told her I have the perfect solution. A hybrid PVC/acrylic sump... Grey with orange welds to match the stand, piping and Apex.

So I need to decide on doing that, or just making up some panels to hide the current sump and equipment.

Custom sump and ato from advanced acrylics will be approx 2k. Or I make the panels for a few hundred

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I also really need your guys help deciding on the plumbing setup!

The internal overflow is drilled with fours holes. Two 1.5" drains and two 1" returns. It was setup with dual dursos.

There are also four holes in the eurbracing that were used as over the top returns. The internal ones were blocked off.

I want to go siphon drain and an emergency standpipe.

I'm undecided on the return setup. I'd like to keep this tank looking clean, but can also see the benefits of using the topside returns.

I'm also think of running dual returns for redundancy as a failsafe.

Please chime in with your thoughts and ideas!!!! I'm open to them all!!!!

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3 holes for drain bean animal style. One hole for return. If you want a second return pump then go over the top for that one.
Close up the stand. I’d say 90% she won’t Be happy with the noise and it ain’t worth the money trying to make the underneath part pretty.
Looks real nice so far! What lights are you gonna use and how will you mount them? Might want to do that before you fill the tank
I was thinking Herbie style, 1" or 1.5" siphon and 1.5" emerg. I could make the Bean work. It's always seemed like overkill to me. But I am open to it. Problem is I'd only be able to plumb one of the internal returns, unless i could wedge it all in there. I'd have to play with it.

Another option I was toying with is this....Say I go Bean Animal drain setup both 1" bulkheads and one 1.5". Then I use the other 1.5" for the return, plumbing it straight up and out the overflow box, then tee it off to the return lines you see going through the eurobrace. Just a thought.

Or I keep it real simple and use the 2 1.5" as my drains, the two 1" for the returns. Forget about the eurobrace returns and add a gyre pump on each end and my tunze 6095's on the back wall.

As far as lights, I like the Kessil A360s I've been using. Was thinking of adding an additional one or two. Mounting would either be with their gooseneck or arm with the extensions. I'm also thinking about doing an 80/20 bracket on the wall and canteliever it out over the tank.

This tank is going to be more fish based with just easy to care for coral, so no crazy lighting needed.
I also really need your guys help deciding on the plumbing setup!

Please chime in with your thoughts and ideas!!!! I'm open to them all!!!!
If you're going to do those holes in the eurobrace as your return why put returns in the overflow box? The only reason to do that really is to not having pipes over the side, and since you got that then you have pipes over the side.

Definitely would do 3 pipes for overflow though, make a bean animal, possible even using all 4 holes, maybe both 1" drains as emergency drains since 2 of them is approximately the same cross section as a single 1.5" hole. Of course depends how much room there is to what you want in that overflow box.
Well, got her plumbed and did a test run with the old sump and two simplicity DC return pumps I had on hand.

Ended up going with a 1 1/2 siphon drain, 1 1/2 emergency drain and used the two internal 1" returns that I tee'd off to dual 3/4 loc-line.

Drain is quiet, emergency overflow handled a blockage, sump holds all water with two inches to spare.

Astonishingly, NO LEAKS anywhere. Couldn't believe it...still don't. Ill see in the morning!!!

Sand went in as well. Needs to settle. I rinsed the you know what out of it, but it's pretty fine. So cloudy is expected.

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Sweet! I would consider doing the drains with different material, and using a plastic clip rather than the metal hose clamp. It will rust and eventually fail.
I like to use flexible pvc or spa flex. You can glue it right to the pvc fittings
Got the rock, livestock and another kessil moved over. Mounted up the Apex gear. Now need to figure it all out[emoji57]. Any pros want to teach me how to program[emoji6]. Soo much work swapping out systems, but will be worth it in the end!

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