Galoot's 220...rebirth 2024, take 2

Full tank shot. Added an a360x
Still looking for a home for all those mushroom frags[emoji23]

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Picked up this little guy to pair up with my lone female clown. Had to relegate them to the sump refugium for safety.thanks @Cheedo

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Mounted up the Apex gear. Now need to figure it all out[emoji57]. Any pros want to teach me how to program[emoji6].
You get the Apex all set up? I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy trying to figure that stuff out, so feel free to PM me if needed.
Setup, yes... optimized, no[emoji23]. I got the basics running. Need to fine tune it all

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congrats! beautiful tank.

I'm right down the road from you in Redwood Shores. Once this Covid thing is all over and it's safe to be out and about, would love to lay eyes on your tank.
We have similar taste in fish, I have a Tusk and a Blue Chin Trigger. Is your trigger spastic?
No, the trigger is super chill. The tusk is a nut though. Never stops hunting for food and eats like a pig. Just shoves a ton of food in his mouth, then has to spit it out because he can't eat it all. Drives me crazy!

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Splurged on a tank cover from Top Lids. Fits perfect, looks better than a window screen frame. Having two sections and the feed doors make it much easier to feed and clean as well.

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Picked up two westmariculture tonga rock structures for my zoa trees. Need to figure out the re-scaping. Just wanted to get them in the water for some aging. They look super white once in the water. Also need some more frags to fill the holes[emoji23]

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Ya pricey but cool. They'd be sweet in a small cube where you only want one piece as the focal point. They make other styles as well

Also making my skimmer go crazy[emoji2957] must be the epoxy they use on them

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that is an awesome rock. I wish I had seen that before setting up my current tank. I’m interested to see how it’ll look covered in zoas, Tonga branch with zoas have always looked cool
Is it me or your blue tang looks skinny?

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Maybe..i feed two three times a day. But as is she's 12 years old and lived through everything imaginable. So idk, ain't broke don't fix it[emoji6]

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