Google Map of LFS & Fish Businesses

Discussion in 'Resources' started by bondolo, Oct 20, 2011.

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    Will do!
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    LMAO I'll check it out tomorrow or over the weekend.
  3. Stickied!
  4. denzil

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    How do we update this? DPV is closed as of 1/15.

    BAYMAC Guest

    first page:


    BAYMAC Guest


    Aqua Exotic may need to be added
  7. denzil

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    Aqua Exotic was already added. ;)

    BAYMAC Guest

    The post was 99.99% about what I quoted ;) The bold part about adding closed stores ;)

    See bold part
  9. bondolo

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    I have updated the map to mark Dolphin Pet Village as closed. Bummer! I only ever made it there once and was headed to Santa Cruz so couldn't buy anything.

    Looking at the map it's more clear than ever that the best place, currently to site a new LFS in the bay area is Mountain View. Just off of the 85 and 237 near El Camino would seem to be the center of a gaping coverage hole.
  10. aqua-nut

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    Speaking of coverage holes, how about the north bay! There are NO LFS in Marin. I've been trying to convince Robert (Neptune) to open a satellite store up here but so far, he has resisted. I have not given up my efforts! ;)
  11. BAYMAC

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    There are major reasons why neither of those locations have an LFS... cost per square foot, cost of doing business. One would think areas of money would be a great place to start one, rich people like tanks too... unfortunately that is not really correct. Look at Carmel and Monterey. no decent store has ever been able to survive there, even here in Santa Cruz.
  12. robert4025

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    I am not falling for this one Dealing with two locations is way more than I can chew right now.
  13. aqua-nut

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    All I saw was the 'right now'. That translates to 'maybe'! :lol:

    Hope springs eternal!!

    Keep doing what you are doing. Ray Kroc started with only one store. :bigsmile:
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    Who is Ray Kroc?
  15. aqua-nut

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    Think 'Golden Arches' :)

    AKA McDonald's
  16. Does anybody have firsthand observations on the fish husbandry/conditions at Vallejo Aquarium?
  17. BAYMAC

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    yes, but many years ago so its probably not accurate anymore
  18. bondolo

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    I have been there several times most recently in December. The owner seems like a nice guy and went out of his way to order a cheap part (pump volute) for me. The owner is reasonably professional though I have found some of the weekend hours staff to be useless. The store prices are a bit better than the bay area stores. The tanks are well cared for and clean and all of the livestock seems well treated.

    I have heard the usual stories from at least one person that they had a bad experience. Probably par for the course. Seems like an OK store to me.
  19. That is encouraging. Thanks for the comments! :)
  20. bondolo

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    There's a new version of this map:

    San Francisco Bay Area Marine Aquarium Businesses

    I will probably update only this version from now on. I've moved to this new map engine mostly because it allows layers/folders so that you can show/hide closed businesses (yay!)

    Updates welcome. I have closed public editing of the map because of repeated vandalism. It's easy to fix but annoying and sometimes I don't notice for weeks at a time.

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