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Google Map of LFS & Fish Businesses

I normally only add stores that I have personally visited to ensure that they are "non-sleazy" places. If I do visit Keith's and/or get sufficient positive reports I will add it. I want to keep the map high quality and only include "worth your time" places.

You might notice that a few stores which have been around for a long time aren't listed. (most commonly mentioned is a certain store in San Francisco which does "bag sales" of fish).
I'll admit it. I found the BAR Local Businesses Page difficult to use because I don't really know my Bay Area geography that well. (Shameful but true for someone who's lived here 16 years and been coming for more than 20).

So I made a map of the LFS and fish businesses that I've visited on Google Maps and invite others to use it and add places they shop at and/or think are worth visiting.

Google Map of Bay Area LFS

I have specifically included closed businesses (making sure to give them a red place marker and adding an appropriate description). Right now the map allows anyone logged in to google to edit the map. If that turns out to generate spam I will switch back to invited collaborators only.

Hopefully useful to others. I'm eager to find out about places nearby where I already go that I've not known about.

The California Reef Company Co. seem to have a new weblink

The map is quite a bit out of date:

Seascapes Fish & Pets Inc. closed in 2015

Baja Reef closed end of 2015

California Reef Co. moved. New location: 37420 Cedar Blvd Suite A, Newark, CA 94560
Updates completed. I also made a few other changes suggested by reef central users. Additional updates welcome. If someone is interested in volunteering to do updates I would be happy to offer edit privileges. I had to disable "community" edits a couple of years ago because of repeated vandalism. Google Maps provides no tools to roll-back vandalism except to download the data as a backup.
Just joined and wanted to give everyone a heads up we opened a new store in Brentwood Ca
Brentwood Reef Supply
8065 Brentwood Blvd Suite 3B
Brentwood Ca 94513

Hopefully this is posted in the correct section. also if a Admin would contact us we would also like to become a supporting member