Got hit...


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Some years back my wife had a real beat POS car, and a girlfriend of one of the neighbors backed into the side of it trying to make a 3 point turn I guess, and not sure if she got confused between stop and go, but it was a good sized crunch on right on the frame between the two doors. Guy tried to get me to keep it quiet, saying he could fix it, and I just told him "there's no way you can fix that" and I took it to his insurance companies body shop. My wife and I agreed if they offer as little as $2k for fixing it we'll take the check and just call the car a junker and let it go, guy told us the damage messed with the structural integrity of the frame, so hey great we get a check, then it said the car could be bought in that condition for $5700, and if we wanted he could search for one... we were like "uh no... check please!" and ran out of their laughing and squealing.