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    I used it very little. It is a nasty large piece of equipment that took away from the beuaty of the tank, so I packed it up and garaged it.
    I will do a water change today ( about 30%) and then hook the UV up again.
    As some said, the fish are all eating like crazy. I find that my Maroons clowns are near indestructible. Those in the damsel family are hardy as heck
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    Can't really tell from the photo, but sounds like ich.

    There are ZERO effective ich remedies that will work in a reef tank. NONE. All are wishful thinking.
    Although fish do have an immune system of course.
    So reducing ich impact with UV, reducing stress with clean water, better feeding, etc, all
    give the fish a slightly higher chance of survival.

    The only proven effective treatments involve removing fish to a hospital tank.
    Tank-tranfer is my favorite.
    Hyposalinty works, especially combined with tank transfer.
    Copper works but is tricky to get the right levels, so not advised.
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  3. Arvind

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    ANyone use Hikari Metro? It can be used for Hole in the head and lateral line....
  4. For what it's worth from an LSU study:


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