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normally i ask for water parameters and par.

mid end sps = temp acclimate, dip, put on frag rack
high end sps = temp accilmate, water acclimate, dip, put on frag rack
It is currently sitting in about 280 par. What par would you start it at and how fast would you raise it?
Par in my tank ranges 80 -110 to 350 in the center.


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Hopefully a good sign, but after acclimation and dip the polyps on the frag we’re out within 20 minutes of hitting the water. Please excuse the particulates, just broadcasted some reef chili. I know it’s nothing big just excited. :)

Minute 1


Minute 20



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I remember the good old days where 200 par would be something you only growth zoanthids and mushrooms in, need those big heaters that blast out at least 500 micromols to keep SPS colored up properly! :)


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I'd say me... but I've been really slow these days at finding time to get my act together due to work, etc.

That said, the buy, sale, trade area here is only open to supporting members... consider joining. It'll prove itself worthwhile!


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i dont know who is selling but im looking to replace mine that i recently lost. hoping i can trade with someone if possible.