I Wanna Sex You Up Mycedium

screebo said:
What camera and lens are you using, Cookie-Eater? I'm jealous of those macro shots!

I have Nikon D60 and those shots are using the Tamron 90mm macro lens. I'm far from a professional photographer, my skills are low relative to the other BAR members but I know enough to get respectable shots.
Thanks! I'm gathering data and appreciate the bench mark. I'd be very happy with shots like you've been taking. Gen from Kritter Products just fabricated a nice, acrylic photo box for me so I can take shots from the top of the tank. Even the Elos glass changes the color significantly. As my wealth of frags grow out and begin to really color up, I want to capture it and post pictures of high quality and color accuracy.

I placed my Wanna Sex You Up mycedium on the bottom of the tank It's looking very happy (pics later today) Turns out that even on a four phase, staggered schedule, my lighting is too bright for any other location for mycedium, chalice and cyphastrea. Some of my chalice were beginning to recede from being only 1/2 way up the reef. I moved all chalice, mycedium and cyphastrea to the bottom of the tank. I trimmed the ailing colonies on the band saw to remove damaged edges. I re-mounted them on little pedestals I made by gluing frag plugs narrow end to narrow end. I know I'll have a lot better luck with chalice now. All LPS colonys are doing exceptionally well on the bottom ot the tank too.

Thanks again for sharing your SLR and lens info.

PS Sorry about messing up your handle. I now it's really Cookie Jar!
Mine is improving and is sending out sweepers in the evening. Still mostly brown, but greens up nicely under the SVHO Super Blue actinics. I'm looking forward to my piece greening up like Hooked and CookieJar's. THX T.R. :bigsmile:

Pictures to follow soon.
Finally, some acceptable pics. I'm working on it. I'm headed toward a SLR and lens 'cause I'm still not really happy with my results. :~

Wow, Joel, look at all that new perimeter tissue! Mine is growing like a hog too. I just mounted it on a pedistal I made of some dry, branching LR that I had around to get it off the substrate just a little. In fact, I've done it with about 14 LPS frags growing out in the tank. It places them about 2 inches higher than the substrate allowing easy inspection and moving while doing routine maintanance without molesting the coral. the acan and blasto's really like the pedestal approach as the new heads usually form on the bottom peremeter of the colony and are able to extend and gather light much more quickly than when placed directly in the sand. Sorry, just thinking out load..............bottom line: Nice growth on your sexy mycedium, I'll post an image of mine later today. It's got about 1/2" of new growth all round much like yours. Good goin', Bro! :star:
Hey Thanks Screebo,

Thanks for noticing.

I like your idea of raising the coral on a pedestal. I was using pvc in the past, like some local fish stores do, but I need to go out and find some live rock rubble, because I'm all out after mounting a dozen or two frags over the past year. Your post comes a reminder to get into Neptune or hit the boards to find a little rubble.

My set up is doing really well and getting terrific growth too. I've been watching my desera clam grow about and 1/8 of an inch almost weekly and beginning to wonder how long it will take to out grow my tank, as it's gotten quite large since buying it a few months ago. It seems like this is part of the hobby, grow it out and give / trade it away; I guess that's a good thing.... I think I have a good picture of it on my journal (page 10, post 93). It's got some cool iridescence going on. That post has some photos of your frags I have, and they've put on some good growth since you were over last and entrusted them to me.

Thanks for posting. I'll look forward to seeing your updated photo/s

Peace out
Nice job. If you try a blue led bulb you can bring out the green a bit better. Give it a little more time and it will color up pretty nicely. Looks pretty nice; and as tough you may have used a blue led on it already...?
With all this talk about this chalice, I had cut a couple smallish frags of it and can bring 2 to the BAR swap. These frags are around the size of a quarter, so they're not that large. If you're interested in getting a frag *and* meet the requirements in the 1st post, pick a # 1-20.
Note: The IWTSYU mycedium is incredible. It's subtle but lovely. It's a real vigerous grower and shimmers with more green the happier it gets. The texture is fascinating. Mine resides on a low pedistal to keep it 2" off the substrate. This is the only zone that my mycedium and chalice can survive and thrive given my lighting intensity.

Take away message: Get this mycedium, you won't be sorry!