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I Wanna Sex You Up Mycedium

Part of the Color Me Badd series of chalice, the I Wanna Sex You Up Mycedium features a brown body with a green sheen, the coralites have tiny pink eyes. This chalice has very short sweepers and small coralites for a Mycedium.

I will have two frags available at the next meeting, you must-

Have an established tank that has been up for over a year

place two frags back into DBTC before putting it on eBay

Have prior success with chalice
I have 2 good size pieces and need the space .

Nice chalice- couldn't exactly tell colors from the pic- is the green a bumpy green with some yellow?.
I'd like to give this one a go too & I'll be at the Dec. meeting.
Ill be going to the dec. meeting and would love to pass it off there . In my tank its green with pink eyes and super bumpy .

Patchin did you want to give it a go and pick it up at the meeting ?

cookiejar , I have you covered .

I still have a 3"x3" piece of it so I think between Jeremy and I there is more than enough to go around
Jeremy , did you need to make that piece smaller ? If not I can cut a few more :) right now I have one for patchin and one for cookiejar . Looks like Northbay and screebo need one each . I can cut them both pieces and still have a huge piece .
Yeah, it's a little big, I have a few new corals coming to me soon (trading) and I'm wondering where I'm going to put them all, it's amazing I don't know how I fit all of those corals in my 40, I'm still making room for them in the 150 :)
Thanks for the piece- mine is also doing well, it's a nice looking green piece w/ light blue eyes. I posted a couple pics since the pic earlier in the thread doesn't give it justice. Here are some closer pics, enjoy!