I'd ask my friends to come and see, An Anemone garden with me...

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Bruce Spiegelman, Jan 19, 2018.

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    They're alive and well. :)
  2. I figured there were a few from the original lineage still out there. There's a lot of debate about it, but it never made sense.
  3. New Nem "baskets" are in! They are 15.75 x7.5 x 6.

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  5. Till they get covered in brown algae.
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    where did you get them?
  7. I had them made by Salty Concepts. He'll make them to any size. Really good quality and they allow for a lot more flow than most boxes or baskets.
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    is that a local place or online?
    mind sharing the price, that would look a lot better in my tank than this blue mess i have.
  9. Online. I paid $70.00 each for them, but these are pretty large.

    Tell him I sent you. I'm going to need more down the road possibly and a referral can't hurt. Let him know I posted them in the reef club forums and that's where you saw them.

    I think you're doing mushrooms as well. A smaller version of this makes for a great mushroom box.
  10. New tank is fully live now!
    IMG_5855.JPG IMG_5857.JPG IMG_5858.JPG IMG_5859.JPG IMG_5860.JPG
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    Looks like a really cool anemone dance club:D
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  12. It should. My tank build title's from a Beatles's song. :)
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    What's that big green thing on the frag side?

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  14. Frogspawn I picked up last weekend. It's the size of a basketball with about 40 heads.
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    That things huge!

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    That’s what she said. (Sorry, couldn’t resist )

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  17. In the ongoing saga of learning how to run a propagation tank I thought I'd share things as I make mistakes so others can learn from my screw-ups. I originally set up the Nem baskets but wasn't completely happy with them so I thought I'd go a different route and still be able to run a frag section in the tank. I removed the baskets and placed the Nems directly onto the bare-bottom of the tank. The thought was it would be easier to clean and give the Nems more of an opportunity to find their preferred light level instead if being in an 8" shallow box. This seemed especially important with any wild Nems kept as they simply don't acclimate as well to reef lighting.

    So I make a barrier with eggcrate between the Nem village and the frag side. I covered the eggcrate with 1/4" plastic mesh gutter guard on both sides. Effectively this meant the holes should be 1/8" give or take a small amount. Keeping a powerhead just on the frag side meant that I didn't have to worry about Nem soup, but they still got lent of flow from the return. I also covered the overflow with two pieces of the 1/4" mesh. One piece on the front and another behind.

    I was Nem proof!

    Or not. Got up this morning and three Nems had made it to the frag side. Another was halfway through the overflow and another had made it all the way in. That one got sucked through the outflow when I tried to rescue him. Both parts of what made it through are pretty scrambled.

    The takeaway? Any critter made primarily of water can get through double sided mesh and eggcrate even if it's 1/4"

    Nems are back in baskets.
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    Naughty Nems...
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    sounds like next Pixar movie!
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