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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by monkeybiz, Sep 29, 2016.

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    You can also use google photos you can crank up warm + drop blue to get the same effect

    Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 11.25.08 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 3.38.00 PM.png
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    Key is that fish and coral are usually on different systems in LFS and wholesale.
    Many places run different salinity or copper for fish, plus it makes it easier to keep water quality up for coral.
    So cross contamination should be reduced.
    But, usually does not equal always, so yes, that is a valid concern.

    Secondly, you are introducing just a couple of cysts into fish that are healthy, well fed, and not stressed,
    so they are far more likely to fight it off.
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    To be 100% protected then you have to treat and qt EVERYTHING wet.

    It's all about how much risk are you willing to take.

    For me, risk involved from not qting cuc is very small. So I choose to accept that risk. Rock is another matter.

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  4. monkeybiz

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    I left on vacation for almost two weeks and unfortunately had some losses while away. My Yellow watchman goby dissapeared and my clownfish died the following week. According to my coworkers, clownfish seemed normal and was eating normally the day before died. My ATO sensor stopped working and water level dropped really low. I showed my coworker how to top off RO/DI reservoir but didn't show him how the system worked, so he didn't notice till bubbles started to blow into the display. My rose anemone got mad and crawled past the mesh top and into the rear chambers. Was able to get him back into the display area and he is looking better. Going to go without fish for a month and take another shot later down the road.


    Top down shot. Rose BTA top left, Zoa colonies center, and frogspawn top right.

    Aside from the anemone, all the corals are happy and opening fine. Anemone is definitely in the rebound. Mouth was open Friday, but closed and more inflated today.
  5. monkeybiz

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    Couple more photos.

    Spotted my Yellow Watchman Goby yesterday. First time seeing him in a really long time. His head was poking out of the pistol shrimps lair and he darted back in soon as I spotted him. Corals are all doing well except the monti's. my nassarius snail count has gone from 5 to 75+. There's been two waves of baby snails now and it's cool to see them all come out when I drop food in the tank. My BTA has recovered from its trip over the rear wall and into the sump. IMG_8698.JPG IMG_8699.JPG
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    Tank is practically a snail farm now.


    Hundreds of these sand sifting snails come out when I feed the tank now. It's a good thing because I'm pretty sure my pistol shrimp and yellow watchman goby have been living off a steady diet of them. They rarely come out, but I hear him snapping away under the rocks pretty often.
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    Those look like nassarius, yes? If you want to make a donation, I would accept. ;) my preferred snails are the nassarius and trochus.
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    Pretty cool that they bred in your aquarium. I just bought 4 for 10$. Trochus and nass are my preferred snails as well.

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