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[Jul 27, 2019] Dicks annual luncheon (Oakland ca)


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july 27th at 12 pm
6112 broadway terrace
Oakland ca 94618

Lunch will be served, and we will have a fun group hangout.
I will also be giving away a Santa Monica drop down algae scrubber at the event. Retail was $179

Need to have a head count for food. Please reply by July 20 if you want to eat.

for those who are new to the club and wants to know what's the big deal about this lunchon, please visit this thread from last year.
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there was also a “short documentary” filmed during one of Dicks annual luncheons. Does anyone have the link to the video? @ashburn2k can you find it?


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Would you like us to bring any food? Like salad or fruit? LoL

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I am still not able to this post from desktop. Can anyone help plz?

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I am finally able to see the post. Thank you for organizing this event. Look forward to meeting you all soon​


Great video! Looking forward to seeing you again Dick (we met briefly at the members frag swap) and your tanks.

Was there a mini swap going on? Should we bring some corals to share?


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Even though no one needs to bring anything, last year a lot of the attendees bought some frags,and books. I will be fragging some corals. Glad you can come.

Dick Flanagan


I’m planning to attend, and looking forward to it! I love seeing Dick’s tanks, and of course chatting with everyone.

I noticed with the moving of the threads for this event, some of the RSVP’s and comments didn’t cross over. So for anyone planning to attend, please make sure you click the RSVP (Tapatalk doesn’t have it, so do it from a browser) and maybe also let us know in the thread that you’re coming.