got ethical husbandry?

Kris’s Kensington reefer gold torch

So this torch is originally from Erin right? And Erin himself nominated Hui, with several members concurring. Seems like a pretty solid referendum, no?

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Just to make it clear, this isn’t a voting process. I never asked for advice, just interested parties. I guess I shouldn’t have asked for people to explain their unsolicited input and ignored it. My bad. I was curious.
And to make it more clear, Erin, @Kensington Reefer will Be getting this back once he is ready.
If there are multiples of this, I’d love to be considered. For the past ~2 years, my euphyllia (just branching hammers and frogspawn) have been doing well. Last time I tried a torch was a while back and it didn’t last long, so I’ve stayed away from them since - I only want to try again with a line that’s been in captivity for a while. Plus, I’ve seen this one in person, and it’s gorgeous.
These are my torches maybe someday when I have many heads I can dbtc

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