got ethical husbandry?

Kris’s Kensington reefer gold torch

Sad face all around. This was an amazing torch. I saw one in person. Probably the best I've seen.
Also, a 24k torch of @nly04 is really nice as well.
@Corallus is in BARCode as still having it, not sure it that’s up to date

I saw this in person and it was a beauty. Just goes to show that it takes real commitment a bit of luck for DBTCs to be successful, not to be taken for granted.
Geez all gone? ok I got one head directly from Kris when he took his tank down a year ago. its alive but still only 1 head.
:)) Arnold is the champion of keeping this thing alive. But wander why is not getting extra heads. Feed the torch to get more heads :D