Monterey Bay Aquarium Behind the Scenes Tour 5/19/23

Interested in attending?

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Would love to go again - we had a wonderful docent-led tour behind the scenes with lots of good info learned last time. I already committed to an event at my kids' school during the day though. Have fun!
Awesome opportunity! I am a supporting member and interested, I also would like to bring along my partner, if that ends up being possible! Please let me know if there's anything else I can/should do!
Awesome opportunity! I am a supporting member and interested, I also would like to bring along my partner, if that ends up being possible! Please let me know if there's anything else I can/should do!
RSVP in the poll at the top of this thread, that’s the head count we are going by
I may actually be able to make it. Could I bring one adult and a child with me?
See first post. Assuming all those who have said they want to come do come, we are likely to fill all or almost all the 20 spots with members.
Reminder that everyone interested in going needs to reply in the RSVP poll at the top of this thread. If you expressed interest or possible interest, but didn’t RSVP in the poll it doesn’t count because I need something definitive to go by. We have a hard limit of 20 people, with priority to members (as opposed to guests of members). Small children are not appropriate for this tour as discussed in the first post.

There are currently 19 members saying they are interested in the poll, with 9 of those people who would like to bring a guest. Since the number of guests who can attend will depend on how many members drop off, and people may drop off if they can’t bring their guest, I’m going to randomly rank order all the members who respond by tomorrow evening. If spots open up, the person with the highest rank who said they wanted to bring 1 guest will be able to, then it would move to the next person in the ranking. Since I’ll post everyone’s rank hopefully it will help people plan accordingly and drop off if they need to. I want it to be transparent and fair.

People who express interest after tomorrow evening who are not already in the poll RSVP’d as Yes or Yes +1 will go to the bottom of the rank, below all the guests (ie pretty unlikely). My goal is to be able to let people plan their trip with as much notice as possible and a latecomer is not going to bump off members or their guests after they are confirmed in the ranking.

It’s my first time doing it this way, and we’ve had issues in the past with other ways of doing it, so if you see a problem with the above or have another suggestion let me know before tomorrow evening.
Ok I did the randomization to rank-order those of us who would like to bring a guest using an app called “Randomize List”.

The final result is:

1. @HankDean V
2. @JVU
3. @guihan
4. @ebrown7
5. @jonouyaaang
6. @Matthew Meyer
7. @merickson45
8. @Twisted
9. @FullerReef

Showing my work:

Screenshot of the RSVP list by the cutoff last night:

I put the Yes+1’s into the app in the order they show on our poll:

And I randomized the list one time to get the final result:
So as of now, all 19 supporting members who RSVP’d Yes or Yes+1 are confirmed for the tour, and @HankDean V can bring 1 guest.

If anyone else cannot attend, please let us know so that other interested guests can attend. Please do not just wait to the last minute to decide you can’t go if at all possible so people can plan their trip.

Reminder that although the tour part is free, you have to buy a ticket to the aquarium (or have a MBA membership) to do the tour, this does not get you into the aquarium for free. I believe they are still doing it where you have to buy your ticket online ahead of time.
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My apologies, I unfortunately must withdraw due to family concerns. I hope someone else is able to bring another +1 in light of this conflict-- my apologies again!!

Hey all, meet me here on Friday at 11:55. A gentle reminder that the tour will be starting at NOON SHARP and we can’t wait for anybody to join late. Please plan on getting there on time and taking care of all water/restroom/etc duties in advance.

Thanks and see you then!