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My journey journal..

Last week my AP9X started over heating. I contacted Kessil and they got a replacement right out to me. So I ran a 360X on my tank for the days I had to wait for the AP9X to come in. When I received the light yesterday I decided I’d jump into the tank too. I did some re-aquascaping, organizing and pulled trigger to add sand. One of those 5 minute tasks turned into a whole day event kinda days. Lol
Like the new scape. Did you add a dry sand of a "live" sand?
It’s dead live sand haha. It was an unopened bag of Caribsea Ocean Direct live sand that has been sitting in my garage from a build I did in 2017, so it was obviously dried out. Added brightwells XLM and called it a day. Water is clear, everything is open and parameters are still in check. I’ll be testing daily over these next couple days though.
Doors and tank are up, swapped out the hinges with soft close. Went with the IM leveling mat under both the tank and sump.

Decided to go glass on glass tank and sump.

Still need to level, the front slopes 7/16” - I’ll be using polycarbonate to raise it up with composite shims for fine tuning.

Next up plumbing.
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And on another note, the WD and Pink Lemonade I got from @jhuynh are doing great!

Torch garden is doing well, and I have some gems that I ordered from a friend that I’ll be picking up once the new tank is done and cycled.

Hammer valley is fluffy

Zoa rack is getting full..

Everything is a mess anticipating this tank upgrade. Can’t wait to get everything moved over and organized in this new tank!
Finally got around to doing the plumbing. :rolleyes:

Decided to utilize 2 of the 4 holes as dual individual returns, 1 main drain and 1 emergency drain. I’ll be creating a closed loop within the overflow for additional random flow.

I’ll give it a full day to cure and dry then we’ll get wet!

Also Painted the back of the sump to hide the ATO line that crosses the sump. And plan to put my trigger 5 gal crystal ATO in that little space on the right, based on measurements it will be an extremely tight fit, so we’ll see if it will even get in there. But it will back up and refill the glass ATO.