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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by tankguy, Sep 3, 2017.

By tankguy on Sep 3, 2017 at 11:02 AM
  1. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Our Oct get together is at Fish Doc's store in Pacifica ( nice change for our west side of the bay members ) on saturday Oct 14 from 12-2. If you have corals you'd like to be fragged please post in here so Mike ( Fish Doc ) can see. Address is 1724b Palmetto Ave Pacifica 94044. More details to follow
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Discussion in 'Events & Announcements' started by tankguy, Sep 3, 2017.

    1. jepoy
      I can make one. What details do you want on it other than address date and time? Would you also happen to have Fish Doctor's logo?

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    2. enaldy
      Just found out I won't be able to make it.. bummer!

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    3. tankguy
      I’m unaware if we have the banner or not. Apron has made a suggestion that we do a potluck or have the club buy pizza. Presidential approval needed for pizza as my name is not on the account. Also keep in mind that Fish Doc is not a big store. Not sure if any specials are being made but I will ask. We really wanted to make this event for our new sponsor and our west side members. In time Fish Doc will be a nice place to visit. Also parking is on the street ( Palmetto )
    4. Apon
      since I have done this kinda of this before - I thought it would be better to eat and chat there before we head out to Chris's place.

      I am not sure exactly who is coming - that would help if would even try a potluck kinda thing. ( we would need chairs, plates and cups too)

      Please RSVP with your Name and Handle (maybe what you would bring if we did potluck)
      1.) Arnold/ Apon/ DimSum Dumplings?
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    5. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      We should probably
      A check w mike @fishdoctor if there is room anywhere for us to eat, and
      B not spend any club funds for this event unless we buy something from mike to frag.
    6. JVU
      I’m hoping to make it too, always nice to see/meet BAR members and I haven’t been to the store before. If we are planning lunch, my vote for what it’s worth would be to just meet at a nearby food place to keep it simple.

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    7. Apon
      He said we can eat in the parking lot in front of his shop...but I think we need to bring our own chairs and things.
    8. euod
      My favorite hang out down there now is Puerta 27 but a donut at Mazzetti's Bakery will do just fine. La Mordida Taqueria is up the street, too.
    9. Wlachnit
      My vote is to eat nearby as well.

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    10. Coral2Coral
      Hi Guys,
      I'm one of the newly joined member, very high chance I'm able to join this meeting after dropping off my kids to volleyball. Also, it's in my side of the Bay anyway and a great chance to meet some of the members. My vote is to keep things simple! Either way, I won't be able to join any eating as I have to pickup my kids & wife around 2ish and head to lunch.
    11. fishdoctor
      Hi all.
      Hope your week is going well and you are excited about the event this Saturday, I am.
      My plan is to offer water and coke, byob. Pot luck was suggested by Arnold, but I am thinking
      the option of eating somewhere locally is a easier and nicer option imo.
      My suggestions are Toro Loco(mexican) Dinosaurs(vietnamese sandos) Colombos(regular sandos)
      All are cheap and good eats.
      I have a few chairs and a couch = seating for 3/4, if you want or need a chair let me know.
      I am setting up a canopy and tables in the parking lot and plan on maybe 6-10 people.
      This will be a fun intimate coral workshop and I have new tools and goodies coming just
      for this workshop! Who is bringing coral to frag? Any special requests? See you on Saturday at noon!
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    12. Kmooresf
      Hey Mike, I have a few corals I can bring for fragging. One is a giant Frogspawn, but that isn’t too difficult to frag. Most of my other stuff is SPS, also not too difficult. I’ll see if I can bring a chalice or two.

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    13. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      I've got pink tip elegance
    14. MolaMola
      I Wanna Sex You Up.
      teehee Seriously, I will bring this Mycedium - pic earlier in thread - assuming the school reopens Friday or I can get in - smoke closure tomorrow.
    15. fishdoctor
      I plan on cutting montipora caps, candy cane, echinophyllia chalice, torch corals, sinularia, bubble anemone, green birds nest, mushrooms, green toadstool.
      Should be a good amount to work with, along with any contributions.
      Bring your coral transporters if you have them, some of this is going home with you guys.

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    16. MolaMola
      Hey @fishdoctor Would it be okay for me to record some of the fragging demos to show my students?
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    17. fishdoctor
      @MolaMola yes please glad to share, I may be taking video of certain parts too.

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    18. JVU
      Awesome! Definitely looking forward to it
    19. MolaMola
      Does anyone going on Saturday have any magnetic sand which I assume is black? Looking for about a cup of it for a sand lab in Dec. I have all sorts of sands but nothing magnetic.
    20. Wlachnit
      I have some black magnetic sand that I can bring.

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