Raffle Prizes for Swap on 6-26-2021


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Will update as more information comes in.
Confirmed prizes/donations we will have for the raffle so far.
Having a bit of an issue with some banners, they just don't link nicely or their transparent white ones for a dark background (looking at you Kessil!)


Sicce Ultra Zero utility pump


Two gift cards for $100 to Reef Nutrition

NeptuneAquaticsLogoTransparent 1_1620323637.png

$50 gift cards from Neptune Aquatics


Kessil A80 tuna blue with mount

And other as of yet undisclosed prizes from

If any one wants to pretty this up more feel free, or if any company/business wants a different picture/etc let me know. I am not a web designer and just trying to show some love :)
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Places I’ve reached out too are.
Sicce(confirmed) Ultra Zero utility pump
Reef nutrition(Confirmed) 2x 100$ gift cards
Kessil(Confirmed) A80 tuna blue with mount
Neptune Systems(Confirmed) Apex EL
Neptune’s Aquatics(confirmed) 4x 50$ gift cards
GHL(Confirmed) Mega set & Standalone Doser
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Yes Arnold, that tank was going to be in the April 2020 raffle, but you know... that never happened. I didn't want to commit the tank this time until I knew there'd be other raffle prizes but as it is, there will be a tank.

Kind of busy now (procrastinating though :D) but come tomorrow I'll work on putting things in the first post, trying to make it pretty for these gracious people/businesses.