Reefing restaurant get together #1 - Sunday, July 25th, 2p

Will you be attending?

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I’m looking forward to some yummy pho with good company, but not eating so much I make myself sick. On the company.


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I have a friend who finished that Pho Garden is the time set at 2pm or not confirmed yet?


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Wait who’s going to do the pho challenge, going to be the main event :) going to be fun watching the person try to finish


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So what is the challenge to decide who gets to do the challenge? Only 1 giant bowl and 2 hours to eat it.

View attachment 29671I’ll let you guys decide, who will be most likely to finish the bowl, also still cost $50, if u finish you will be acknowledged as the first person to ever complete the challenge, pic taken and hang in the hall of fame, and win a baby og bounce.


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If u would like to do the challenge I can also buy more bowls, For your information, you going to be sick of pho for couple months :)
That’s a cool challenge a la Adam Richman on Man v. Food. I’m surprised that a group hasn’t ordered that bowl. It would seem like a good deal for 3-5 people to share since a large bowl at most Pho restaurants these days is $12-14. I’ll bring my family of 4 one day and we’d be happy to try it out.