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Discussion in 'Coral' started by Klems, Sep 22, 2017.

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    are they like bubble tips foot-wise? if they are you can just ice the foot and use a butter knife, should come off easy. ill buy pretty much any size, just LMK when you got some ready.
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    Wow @Klems - thanks a lot for the detailed info! I thought I would have a half dozen cords coming out of the tiny hood. I was going to get the dual kit, but I think I do not need it and might be able to get the ramp timer and/or extra light with the savings. Thanks again.
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    Here is a picture of how the lights fit into the hood. I was able to retain the factory moonlights.... Also in the back of the clear cover where the cords get routed through...there is a black rubber grommet that you can slide out....slice open one side ( O....C) with a razor to remove the old light cords and then you can fit in the new cords and slide the grommet back into the slot and it will have that original / clean look.

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    Got a new batch of babies...looks like I need to get them out of the corner now so that I can start target feeding them...

    Thinking if building a small tank from a 10g with a 5" side to hold the pump and marine pure balls and a bag of carbon for filtration.

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  5. I have 16 in my tank and I've never had babies!
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    Try playing some Barry White songs...:p

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