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Rostato’s Spicy lemon favia

@xCry0x if you come to SF I can give you a frag. It seems like @newfly did not say anything about the frag.
It looked like he may have grabbed one -- he had posted that he grabbed it at a swap right before signing up.

It will probably be a while until I make it out to SF. About to have a 2nd child in a couple weeks so unlikely going to be able to find hour(s) to drive out to the city for a bit :)

Will keep an eye out for a closer frag, or figure something out if I end up making a trip to the city for anything.

I can send one with my brother to Martinez
That would be super awesome if it's not inconvenient.

Normally I wouldn't be above driving to SF but I'm on 4 year old duty and don't think I can handle an hour in the car with a bored 4 year old right now haha.
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