Thoughts on this bta


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What do you think I of this bta? And what would something like this cost?

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I sold one for 40 bucks, please don’t tell me i made a mistake

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Looks like a nice bright green BTA, the anemone is obviously close to the surface in the container, and hence really close to the lights that make it fluoresce so brightly it probably won't look quite so vibrant down in the tank. As to what it's worth, I dunno, I'm beginning to really hate the people in this hobby who mark up livestock to insane prices because royal blue LEDs are a thing now, $2k for a colorado sunburst..I hope their tanks crash!

But grumpy old man aside I'd expect to see a green bubble tip in a store go for anywhere from $30-50 for a small specimen, larger ones cost more obviously. If you're looking to buy this off someone ask for them to take a picture with the white LEDs on, as it's obviously a shot that has been white balanced with bluer than "normal" lights on, whomever is selling it is definitely trying to get that "money shot" so they extract maximum value of how cool it looks... close to LEDs, check, macro shot showing detail you probably won't see, check, overly blue lights white balanced giving it artificial color, check. If it you looking to see how much you can sell it for, then I'm going to enter grumpy old man mode again.


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You can find Colorado Sunbursts for less than $200 if you look hard enough. I can't imagine that someone would spend 2K.