What did you get at the regional swap?

Discussion in 'Coral' started by Ashalye, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Ashalye

    Ashalye Webmaster

    Besides pizza, what did you get?

    It was great to see everyone! I feel like I'm finally putting faces to usernames. I forgot to take photos of the event though.
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  2. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    A box of salt, a wiring harness, IC ballast with VHO's expansion socket for an ancient controller I cannot find...
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  3. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    it was really fun to see and meet a lot of the people on here! I picked up some toadstools, utter chaos, some encrusting montis (lots of mystic sunset at the monti table) and a blue polyp cap. also picked up a branching cyphastrea frag from @wfong
  4. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster


    orange leptoseris coral

    this is the best thing I got

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  5. Ashalye

    Ashalye Webmaster

    To answer my own question, @coral4me and I picked up 23 new corals between the 2 of us. Mostly Zoas and Montis. :)
  6. Newjack

    Newjack Supporting Member

    I got to HOLD baby Madison! that was priceless :p
  7. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    like half the zoanthids table was also rasta zoas, just like the mystic sunset took over the monti table lol
  8. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    Rastas! Maybe next frag swap, maybe...
  9. RR The Vinh, a nice mini colony of a blue Tenuis, Tryree Blue Matrix, and a WWC Bizarro. Also the Apex ATK (!), an Apex Par monitoring kit, RODI booster pump, and a few other odds and ends.
  10. MolaMola

    MolaMola Supporting Member

    I got: mummy eye chalice, monti mystic sunset, green pavona, gold branching pavona, monti cap, monti spongodes, rasta zoas, and red digitata. Some members also gave us hollywood stunner for growth comparison, shrooms, an acro, micromussa, baby trochus snails, chaeto to set up a fuge basket in a BioCube clownfish tank, Star Wars frag plugs, and I got a pink branching cyphastrea to compare to our encrusting meteor shower. Wow!
    Yes, photos would be cool, but frags are still in cups because no one at school district "24-hr security" will pick up the phone or return my call to turn off the alarm. About to set up 5 gal bucket system for temporary frag/snail home. Or maybe I should just enter classroom and either get security response or find out my satellite building isn't alarmed after all.
    Anyway, I got all these corals unlike ones in our tanks, so students should think they are cool. I will have them watch part of an ocean video Monday morning and call them up a pair at a time to aquastik a frag onto rock in our frag tank. We have a bunch of unmounted ones to add with the new ones, since students cleaning or feeding tanks sometimes results in unplanned fragging.
    Thanks everyone - it was a fun time! I look forward to hopefully being able to attend monthly events. Thanks to vendors, raffle donors, people who brought pizza and all the swap/club supplies, checked in and organized corals, and arranged the venue!
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  11. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

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  12. Wlachnit

    Wlachnit Vice President

    Blue Tenius,
    Branching Cyphastrea
    Acro Nana
    Pink Milli
    Hollywood Stunner
    Bicolor birds nest
    Rainbow Monti cap
    Idaho grape Monti cap

    And.... it was Great to see everyone and meet some new faces...well, at least put new face to familiar names!
  13. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Lesse I got a Blue digitata and a forest fire digitata, a "lime green" monti cap, and a "Petal" monti cap (looks like half of it was shaded by the rest of the monti, also picked up a purple birdsnest and a green & red favia (that I dropped on the ground, cracked the container so was obligated to take :D
  14. Yippee

    Yippee Supporting Member

    Apple Berry Monti
    Starburst Monti
    AquaSD Rainbow Table
    BubbleGum Digitata
    Green Red Acro
    Rainbow Monti
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  16. Ibn

    Ibn Supporting Member

    RR The Vinh @Vhuang168 ...actually met the real Vinh which this coral is named after. Cool dude and wanted it just to say I have it. Will be picking up a couple of pieces of sps from him next month when I head down to SoCal (RR USA OP & RR orange machine).
    Smaller of the two bleached red dragon @coral4me ...sucker for punishment. Let's see if 3rd time is the charm...
    Mini carpet anemone @coral4me ...for the rock with the coralline that was on it :D

    On another note, I spotted @FeliciaLynn at Aquatic Collection. Didn't get a chance to say hi since I had to be back in Santa Clara for another get together.
  17. wfong

    wfong Supporting Member

    Colony of Fruit Loops zoas@IBN
    Colony of Tubbs Blue zoas@NewJack

    100+ coral eating planaria from an unknown Tenuis. ( I used Coral RX to kill and 8X magnified glass to see those bugger) Hand clean the cyano bacteria on the plug and out jumped a good size fire worm hiding under the cyano.
    Just a reminder.When you get home with your swap frags, Inspect for disease and parasites or you'll be sorry.
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  18. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    yeah like half the people from the swap went to AC after lol. a superman monti i got had 2 flatworms fall off
  19. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    I am betting that they were the red planaria from a frag from anathema? If so those are not coral eaters. Definitely not the same as aefw acro eating flat worms.
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  20. daddio

    daddio Supporting Member

    Peter and I had a great time. It was great meeting some members that we hadn't met yet. Thanks to Ashburn, MolaMola, Enaldy, and Chromis for giving us frags and @roostertech for the feather duster - We appreciate it!! Cant wait till next near! Thanks to all that helped make this event possible.
    Mark and Peter
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