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What's your experience with high mortality corals?

Have you kept any of these corals alive past 1 year?

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So since our club's goal is keeping animals alive, I'm curious if anyone has been able to keep any of these corals alive long term: Trachyphyllia, Wellsophyllia, Homophyllia australis (Aussie scolys), and Heliofungia (long tentacle plate)?

I've noticed a very high mortality rate when looking at tank journals or videos online. I have some hypotheses (mostly light, internal parasite, and flow related) but I wanted to hear what other people think.
I don’t know how long I’ve had it, but I still have this Bleeding Apple Scoly. The earliest post I can find about it is from May 2018.


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I'm thinking 1+ years.

@RandyC do you feed it? Also how much PAR?

Never feed it. I might have years ago when I first got it, but definitely not now. Nor for the last few years.

It has varied in the amount of par it’s gotten. Usually never less than 100 and sometimes it might have got 2-250 probably? It’s probably sitting around 125 now.
For the scoly success stories, did you mount them on rocks (angled or flat) or sand? Also did you notice any boring mussels in the skeleton?
The scoly I have was in a tank for over a year, and I've had it now for over a year as well. No fish, but I feed lps pellets to acans and scoly 1-2/week.