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    dead beats
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    Years ago, a friend of mine whom had a huge cc debt and was sheltered under the wings of bankruptcy (walked debt free, well almost, the IRS sent him a notice of the tax due on the "forgiven" part requesting their share) anyway, this friend went ahead and bought a very expensive card, either yugio or pokemon off of ebay because my nephew wanted it. Card arrived and my friend asked my brother for the money of the card, he was given the finger in a very polite way. Kids are not adults and adults with cc's should know better on letting minors use a card for whatever reason. My brother stood firm and did not pay him for the ebay item, he gave the item back to our friend and was clear he should not be buying anything for my nephew without his dad's consent.
    Now in the case an adult eases the use of a card to a minor to commit fraud is plain sick, has given the green light to a kid on how to steal and get away with it and telling right from wrong will be up to the minor, and those instances where the minor has to chose between right or wrong, will be piece of cake because in his mind "right" is whatever gains him advantage. Sad.
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    Dang that's sucks!
    Unfortunately this happened to the club recently.
    If anybody knows @Joey Chen beware. For no apparent reason he did two seperate charge backs on his membership and his swap prepayment. This cost the club two separate fees, and the $45 he spent. No response to pm or email. Super un cool.
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    Not sure how you can teach your young kid to do something like this.

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    Happened to the store I worked at. Guy walks in and bought $1500 worth of gear over a few days. Paid with his PayPal credit card.

    A week later, he does a chargeback on everything. PayPal refunded his money even though we had video proof he was in store, paid for it and left with the merchandise.

    They really need to revise their policy.

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    I'd be interested to see the kid/father's response. With such widespread awareness, they'd have to at least address it, right?
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    We should have a thread for deadbeat users! So they can be noted for other events!

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    I'd be very careful doing what you've just done. You are placing yourself and the club in what could be a costly spot if he so chooses to sue for libel. Even if you're in the right, you still have to lawyer up and defend yourself. He can sue both you and the club. This sort of stuff is best handled in the BOD forum out of sight of the general public.
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    BOD forum is ok for me.....just as long someone can see if he does it again in the future.

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